Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Some movies I saw recently.....

Hi fellas,

Well, I really do not know how to pass my time in this damn college, but I have seen some great movies recently (in the last one month!)... Here they go:

1) Appleseed: This movie has a great story (for all sci-fi fans!)... A small, unexpected twist at the end of the movie; The graphics are really great - Atleast the best in all the animated movies that I have seen so far.... And Deunan Knute looks awesome in the movie... Really a treat to watch....
Rating: 8.5 / 10 - This is just my perspective and does not reflect the voice of the majority.
Do watch this movie - I'm sure you'll enjoy it a lot!
2) Thank you for smoking: Well, this movie became my food and fodder for a week or two - I don't know what others felt, but I found this movie quitemindblowing! Every inch of me wanted to become a "Nick Naylor"! A good comedy, it literally tells the older generation - Tell your kids everything. Let them decide what is good/bad for them!
Rating: 9.0 / 10

3) Orange County: Well, this one was an "ok" type of movie. Some of the content is not that appealing, but one can sympathize with the main protagonist "Shaun". Poor fella, he is the odd man out among the various members of his family (including an "always - on - high" brother), and he still manages a score worthy of Stanford - WOW!

Rating: 7.5 / 10

4) 12 Angry Men: A B&W movie (1957), this one is the best of the 3 classics that I have seen (The other two being "Gone With the Wind" and "Casablanca"). Henry Fonda is a good actor and in this movie, he plays the part of Davis pretty well. This movie can be appreciated for the fact that inspite of the fact that it was shot in a single room for most of the part, it still generates a lot of interest by the way of small twists and surprises.

Rating: 9.5 / 10

5) The Secret of my Success: A neat novie, I had the chance to see it on Star-Movies when I was at home. Michael did his role pretty well - I saw him after a long time in a movie , the last time being in the "Back to the future" series and in "The Frighteners". He did a great job and so did the director! The plot is fairly simple, the result as expected. Just read its tagline, it says it all:

"There's no such thing as an overnight success. Brantley Foster took two weeks."

Rating: 9.0 / 10
Until my next post...
See ya...


aaaalu said...

Hi Varun,

Who said that you are a novice to blogging. Nope.

I like the format you have chosen and the diversity you have so far chosen in the content too.

Wish you become more prolific....

Happy blogging.

IIM ka Sarkari Babu said...

Thank you so much sir...