Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Maya ka maya chal gaya re....

Hiya folks!

What a fortnight it has been friends! Blair has announced that he would step down soon (the best news in many weeks!) and Mayawati won comprehensively and decisively in the U.P. Lok Sabha elections. But also, the bomb-blasts in Hyderabad, Gorakhpur and Guwahati have marred this sequence of happy events - the loss of civilian lives for the sake of some nut-bags who feel fighting the establishment by messing up the lives of innocent civilians is fun. I tell them now - Come out. Face the government and try to do this peacefully… You are not going to achieve any of your objectives by all this violence and bloodshed.

Of course, the main highlight for me has been the victory of Mayawati and the BSP in the U.P. elections. Atlast, she has realized the dream of the founder Kanshi Ram… I remember hearing his name from the time when I was a kid. I heard that he was a really good person who worked hard to uplift of the lower castes in the state of UP. Also, as far as my text-book has mentioned, BSP is a national party like the INC and the BJP (according to the rules as prescribed by the constitution on what makes a party a national party). That bodes well for the state.

The main highlight of her victory was that she received an absolute majority. She won 206 seats out of a possible 407 seats. That’s means a single-party government and not a ruling coalition. This means that she can pursue her agenda relentlessly without any pressure from the others. Also, her concept of Sarva-samaj really did wonders for her! Here is a party which sought to unite the people rather than divide them on the basis of religion (like the BJP) or caste (like the SP) or just stay mum and hope for the best (like the INC). I really hope she works for the development of the state as a whole and not for any particular community.

Also hats-off to the EC for allowing so many Dalit voters come and vote in this free-and-fair election. The fact that no one is blaming dirty politics for their own defeats shows that this was a really fair election. Kudos to the EC for that!

But it's not that easy for the "Behenji" to carry ot her task as well as she promised. Integrating two differrent sects of the society in a state like UP is a tedious task. Elections are one thing, policy and agenda is another. I just hope that she remembers that the dalits showed her their full support and that she needs to break the social barriers and work for their upliftment. I wish her all the best for that. She also needs to make an impression by making UP an example if she wanst to succeed in other states also. She must not forget that she still heads the "BSP" - meant for the Bahujan Samaj. Dalit upliftment must be her top priority.

This election showed that the public is no more fooled by foolish agendas like "Ram Janmabhoomi" and other communal shit. It also does not bank on "legacies" and "legends" as put forth by the INC. It wanted a clear-cut agenda and Mayawati showed them the way. No offence to Rahul, but he tried his best... it just was not well thought of and I'm sure the rest of the party is not very pleased by his efforts.

Also, Amar Singh has been told by the voters that roping in Amitabh and other Bollywood stars is not going to fool them anymore. I hope he mends his ways soon else the public will show him the door pretty soon too. I hope he learns fast enough.

Overall, it has been a very satisfying result for UP - It needed a "Maya" and the people got the result they wanted... Now everything rests in the hands of "Behenji" to change the face of UP in the next 5 years.


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