Saturday, August 25, 2007

Bruce used to taketh.. Evan tried to giveth....

Hi friends

If you have some idea of what I am talking about, then you have visited the right article - The Almighty is back and this time, he has a mission for Evan Baxter - the poor newsreader from the first part of the Almighty series! For those who are still confused, I am referring to "Evan Almighty" - The sequel of the all-time hit comedy "Bruce Almighty".

I have seen that people (I am mainly referring to people in my age-group) remember the prequel because of three main factors: 1) Jim Carrey's hilarious comedy 2) The really-hot Jennifer Aniston and 3) The funny story and situations that poor Bruce faces. Although they were not the of the most important scenes, I have observed that that two ones were the most well-remembered parts of the movie - The scene in which Bruce "downloads" all of the prayers onto his PC and the one showing the monkey-out-of-the arse part.

Well, the second movie tries to live upto the expectations of its famed predecessor and by my standards, it has lived upto its expectations. Not many found it easy to digest that Jim Carrey and Jeniffer Aniston declined to reprise their roles in the sequel and it was also a bit-controversial showing the story of Noah's Ark in a lighter-vein. But one has to commend Steve Carell on his great performance as the leading character and I wish he comes in many more such movies as the leading man.

The biblical references are clear and to the point - God wants to use Evan to build an ark for him in the same way as Noah did. Its really hard to see any human play "God" in any movie, but I am blind follower of Morgan Freeman. I really adore his work in any form and hence I would never mind him playing "God" once again. The movie has one clear message - Politics in the US is very corrupt and it may someday effect the common-man in a huge way - It already showed "small glimpses" in the Katrina disaster and soon enough, we may see another disaster of that proportion due to the negligence and carelessness of the US authorities.

Another important message is that we are responsible for all the creatures on this planet as we are encroaching into their "homelands" and taking away their personal spaces. The world is being destroyed by us in a way we can never comprehend and if it continues for much longer, I don't see a reason why God will not choose another "Noah" to save all creatures while he decides to drown our planet once more - Serious stuff naa??? Well, see the environment around you and you will realize what I am saying - Pollution, disasters, mayhem, destruction, deforestation, wars, famines etc. I hope that Man (women are also included) realizes his folly and mends his ways before it is too late.

Well, that's all from me for now... My recommendation: Just sit back, relax and enjoy this movie. It may not have a Jim Carrey in it, but don't restrict comedy to just Carrey's antics. See this movie and you may actually start liking Steve too...


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