Tuesday, October 28, 2008

To all ye women who hate Palin - I HATE YOU...

Hi friends

This post is to clearly speak against all those women out there who are saying a lot of nasty things about Ms. Sarah Palin, her beliefs and her familial values. I am writing this post after more than 2 hours of viewing Chris Rock, Bernie Mac and Martin Lawrence stand-up comedies. And my mind is boiling so much that my language in this post could have been really foul, had it not been for the fact that I respect my readers and know that some people are really sensitive to this stuff. So this post is directly addressed to those women who hate Sarah Palin. I am apologizing in advance for using the words "bimbo" and "hot chick" in this post. I did not have any other alternative.

Hey, those three comedians did not influence my views in any way. Just that they are experts at using the foul language and my anger of the Palin-hating women could have certainly shown up in one of those stand-ups had I been there on stage with them.

Why this sudden anger against the women who hate Sarah Palin? Well, this is one of the classic example of two-time feminism and of women who have nothing else to do in life but to fight for women causes just because they feel women need help in certain areas. And when such women become successful in their own right, they just can't take it as such a woman isn't one of their "charity cases" and hence won't be able to give the feminist movement the same measure of support as a woman helped by them.

Doesn't make sense, right?

Well, let me put it in a simpler way, in a way that makes sense (although the context is different): The reason women hate Sarah Palin is because she is a hot chick who is too successful in a field no one expected her to excel in. How did I come to that conclusion? Well, I am not an expert on women, nor I am an expert on politics. However, aided by an article I read a few weeks ago, I combined it with my Hollywood knowledge and came up with a theory.

I hope you have seen the usual romantic (and sometimes not-so-romantic) Hollywood movies - they all show a beautiful-looking girl and compare her with some brainless-bimbo who is damn hot. The bimbo enjoys her college years and only God knows where she ends up. She may become the next hot model, but effectively her familial career is ruined. Meanwhile, our beautiful-looking heroine gets to marry the guy of her dreams (if she does dream of one), starts a nice family and lives happily ever after, considering herself to be more successful than that bimbo. Or else, she may work hard and get a good job and then have a good family, effective raising her success-level above that of the bimbo.

But what if, just what if, that so-called hot bimbo manages to get a decent job inspite of her failures at college, wins a beauty pageant, runs for Governor (and wins), marries one of the hottest men in the state, has 5 beautiful kids and is now chosen as a running mate of a major party in the USA? Well, that would mean that a) the bimbo got the guy of her dreams and has a stable relationship with him too b) the bimbo has a wonderful family, with 3 daughters and 2 sons and c) she has a successful career that does not involve anything to do with her hotness quotient.

Now what would this bimbo make that beautiful-looking girl look like in front of her? It would make that just "beautiful-girl" look like an idiot. For this "Average Jane" (female version of the Average Joe), this just isn't acceptable. This is not how Sarah should have ended up. she must have ended up some place else. What the hell is she doing running for the post of the VP of the United States of America? And this, my friends, translates into hate and jealousy quite easily. Trust me, I have seen it happen right in front of my eyes - women are jealous of the success of other women ten times more as men are about the success of other men. The fact that there are only a few successful women as compared to men makes this "10 times" look pale.

Now what is wrong with a beautiful-looking woman becoming a top-notch politician? Is it just because she is a woman? Well, I personally feel so. For example, I honestly don't remember many men having the same feelings about Bill Clinton when he ran for the Presidency of the USA in 1992. He was a) Inexperienced, handsome and young - Somewhat like Palin b) Successful in his political career and c) Had a lovely wife and a young daughter i.e. a happy family. Yes, I was just 7 years old then, but I have read about it and have seen no such outburst among men as it was aseen among women at the selection of Sarah Palin.

Now, would we have had a similar reaction at the selection of Hillary? Well, there were so many conservative women who were supporters of John McCain and I am sure they would not have uttered so many distasteful comments that some of the women Democratic supporters (especially those at the highest rungs in the ladder) have uttered against Sarah Palin. They are god-fearing, hard-working women. Those who know Sarah know that she stood for what she believed in. She gave birth to her youngest child inspite of knowing he had Downs Syndrome. She never opposed the theory of evolution and allowed schools to teach both creationism and evolution, inspite of being a core-believer of creationism. She ran a small town for 4 years and has been the Governor of the largest state in the USA for almost two years. She did all this, managing 5 kids and her home.

It's just that some people just cannot tolerate the ascent of a successful woman. She came up with her own efforts. She clawed her way to the top. No person, especially no woman, has any right to slander her achievements, just because he/she could not make to where Sarah Palin is now - perhaps a heart-beat away from Presidency.

Coming to the feminists, well majority of the modern-day feminists rush for a cause only when they see the publicity in it. I am not too much of a fan of the feminist movement, although I agree it has been very effective in the past and has certainly helped women in coming close to attaining an equal status in the society. But when one woman gets jealous because another woman got success where she "was not intended to succeed", this really makes my blood boil, seeing the two-timing nature of these so-called feminists. Feminism has lost its charm and ideals. The movement doesn't stand for the same ideals anymore.

Try all that you can, you Palin-hating ladies. You may think that you will have the last laugh if McCain/Palin duo do not win this election. But I assure you, Palin will be more than happy with her 2 months of fame and success. She can back to Alaska a proud woman. She survived the national scrutiny for 2 grueling months. And she will be back. The pit-bull ain't gonna stop so soon. And I assure you, she will have the last laugh, someday she certainly will.

Ciao for now. A post coming up soon about the movie review for "W" - The latest Oliver Stone movie dealing with a phase of life of the current US President George W. Bush.

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garima said...

well,feminism should focus more on relieving evils from the society and helping women,expecially those who never got a chance to learn what a women is actually capable of..its about caring... and the purest side of humanism..anything else is nt feminism..its smth else..and u knw men are more jealous than women(read in sm buks)...nice one...