Saturday, October 04, 2008

The VP Debate... And things are dull...

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Well, the VP debate was good. I am not going to give too many details as I am dejected now. The polls have come and as I expected, Obama has widened the gap and now it is something like 49%-42% over McCain. Unless something really comes up on Obama that will really dampen the hearts of America, there is no way that McCain can win this election.

What people fail to see is that the Republican Party and John McCain are not the same. They are two different identities, two different species. The party itself was not happy that McCain was elected. They wanted either Mitt Romney or Mike Huckabee to take the nomination, but John stole it from them. BTW, I am sorry for all that I said about Mike Huckabee before. He is a nice guy, it's just that he is just not the Presidential types. I just hope he realizes that, that's all.

The VP debate, in full, can be seen at this video link having the full footage. I did not wake up all night to see this one (inspite of my so-called "love affair" with Sarah Palin!) but I did see it sometime later that day. 

This debate was really crucial for the Republicans as a) they wanted to showcase Sarah Palin as a good choice for the VP and b) they wanted to boost up the sagging ratings of John McCain. Sadly, this debate could not do either of these things in full. 

Sarah Palin proved to be a much better debater than what everyone thought of her. She used all her charm and wit in making the debate mch more lively. Joe Biden was composed and only focused on McCain and not on Palin (this was an expected move). He was never angry, not even once! He made sure of what he was saying and put it forward emotionally. His points resonated with me more than that of Sarah Palin. Call me racist or anything, I bet Biden will make a better President that any of those two fellas who are vying for that post now.

Joe Biden is one fella who I didn't study well enough in this campaign. I really regret that because all this time I was focused on McCain and Obama and my love-interest Palin, that I forgot all about this other oldie in the race. I just hope that Obama, if he wins, makes sure Biden also has a equal say in the policy matters of USA. Biden is a mixture of Obama and McCain, and was until recently a person who could even beat Palin in his talking if he had to. He seems the perfect fella for the job, I just hope Obama does justice to his post.

You know, both Biden and Plain have their sons in Iraq right now. They have personal stakes there, still are so varied in their opinions. The debate went smoothly without any hiccups. there were a few moments where it looked like Palin would crack up, but she, a clever politician that she is, managed to evade such stuff (not good from the view point of the Public). 

Well, good bye for now. Enjoy this self made picture of me and Palin standing for the 2012 US Presidential Elections - Palin / Reddy '12!!!!


! Palin / Reddy 2012 !

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