Sunday, November 09, 2008

The end of an era... But is it the new beginning?

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Those of you who have been following the US elections even remotely must have already known that the Democratic Nominee for President, Barack Obama, has been declared the new President-elect of the USA. Yes, big news for the Americans... Now they can finally get the stigma of racism out of their blood. Every Black man is free!!!

Is it just me, or am I sounding cynical here? I was a McCain supporter, right? so why am I singing the praises of President-Elect Barack Hussein Obama (Bush is still in the White House for 2 more months, so Obama is the President-Elect for now) ?

Well, I was a Democrat, but truly speaking, this election I discovered that I was more conservative that I thought. I may have freedom to do whatever I want to, but still feel the security of being bound in the rules and regulations of the world to a good extent. Perhaps, I am more a Republican than a Democrat. This election, I tried to be something that I felt was right. I could have gone all-out for Obama and emerge the victor. But hey, I have already lost twice in the form of Al-Gore and Kerry (both fellas I supported blindly - Al Gore was the more deserving) . So I am more immune to losing than ever. This year, my favorite Felipe Massa lost the title to Lewis Hamilton (another black man) by one point. So I guess I am used to defeats now more than ever.

Hey, but this post is not about him, it's about the end of an era. Many of us, when asked to name all the American Presidents that we can, would give an answer something similar to: "George Bush, his father, Bill Clinton, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy". Some of the more industrious of you might also add "Ronald Reagan, F.D.Roosevelt, Teddy Roosevelt, D.D.Eisenhower, Jimmy Carter and Lyndon B. Johnson". But in all probability, the names "Bush" and "Clinton" will be the first names to come out of our mouths. For the last 28 years, there has been a Bush or a Clinton in the top-two posts of the US Political Administration. Bush Sr. was there for 12 years - 8 years as a VP and 4 as a President; Clinton and Bush Jr. 8 years each as Presidents. Now is the time for change (no, I am not copying Obama). Some new face at Washington, finally.

But don't expect too much - Obama's new administration looks like a Clinton Term 3, with many of the old-school fellas being called to take over once more. He will, like Clinton and Carter, learn soon that it's not a cakewalk running the house with the Democrats a majority all over. But there are many fresh faces also, and his clear insistence for not having any place for lobbyists in his government is certainly a fresh approach. I wish he changes the world for the better, else the public will replace him in 2012 faster than he can blink.

The race war is not yet over. White America may feel their sins are purged by electing a black man to the highest office in the land, but it is not the end, merely the beginning.

What will happen to the Republican Party now? Is this the start of a realignment in American Politics? More on that in the next post (sooner than you expect)

I haven't been blogging lately, because it has been tough for me, especially with all the energy I spent in reading and listening to the news regarding the campaign. I am just plain tired. I will post articles twice a week from now onwards, on stuff that will be interesting to read (hopefully no more US Politics).


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