Friday, March 06, 2009

Cybersecurity kicks ass!


I promised a friend that I would write about him and his company in my blog, not because of compulsion but because I really have become a fan of his work. I now there are not many hits on my blog (2145 at last count), but I wanted to tell my readers that there are people in India itself who are working hard to fight cybercrime and keep us safe from its malicious results.

Just before my small post, I want to highlight your attention to phishing. It's derived from "fishing", where fake users try to access your personal information by masquerading as a trustworthy entity. It can be through email, or though fake sites, or even through IM (remember that virus on Gtalk, it may well be a phishing site also). Some of them are really sneaky. And they don't always come as those emails from Nigeria, asking for your bank account details to transfer exorbiant sums of money. They also come in smaller packages. I will give you two examples that will certainly startle you (if the links still work).

1. Fake Orkut Link - This link will look exactly like a Orkut link. It is so similar that you may not even bother to read the IP address that is on the top of the page.

2. Fake Axis Bank Link - This link may now be removed, but it was such a neat forgery, that even I was completely fooled!

Just a few tips to avoid phishing sites in general:

1. Look for "https" while logging into any bank/online transaction site. All banks have to go through the secure mode when they are doing any online transactions. In case you do not have a "https", then you can be sure that this link is a phishing link.

2. You must have got plenty of those Nigerian Scam emails. Read them carefully. You can see at least 2-3 spelling mistakes in such mails. Make sure that even the grammar is correct. If not, then you can atleast doubt the authenticity of such a site.

3. The link will have a IP address that starts with a number - like 172. or 211. or any number. If a number is involved, it must certainly not be a secure link, because online security links do not start with numbers.

4. A genuine email will greet you with your own name like "Dear Varun Reddy" or "Dear Pavan". It will usually not start with a general note like "Dear Account holder" or "Dear User" or "Dear nitk.varun". If it starts with any similar greetings, be assured that is a possible phishing attempt.

5. Google for it! In case you are not sure of the link is authentic, google for the correct link and you shall get it! As simple as that!

Now to the real deal. I want to mention a bit about my friend Pavan Vasu and his website We were introduced online through a common friend Abhishek (yes, my junior from NIT KKR, who is a fantastic quizzer!). I have become a fan of his work in the recent days, owing to his website and my fascination for cyber-crimes (reading about them, not committing them). 

More about him and the website. Pavan is one of the founders of matriux. One of the co-founders is Manu Zacharia, who is working with Kerala police. Now the team consists of many more members. The idea for matriux idea started more than a year and a half ago and got registered a year ago. Till they incorporated a workplace, they were new and hence were mostly freelance consultants (in other words script kiddies). But after they became a corporation, they have worked hard for projects. Their concept, along with a few recommendations, helped them get some really cool cases (including the recent terror attacks in Mumbai and other parts of India, where they traced the email id of the perpetrators). 

According to Pavan, whenever they deliver a seminar, they used to reveal some hidden or unknown secret that was not well known in industry. Such revelations caught the eye of their potential clients (just like a kid attracted to a magic show!). One of the potential clients was the CBI. But as Pavan himself said,  getting new magic tricks in a world having very few magicians is not so easy. So along with this investigation consultancy, they expanded themselves into content development, and that's what Matriux is all about.

More about Matriux: Matriux is an operating system developed in Linux flavour. So far, there was  no common platform for investigators or agencies to share information among themselves. Matriux is designed to be a common platform with common terminology. People will use matriux simply because it is the first of its kind! 

Matriux is open-source  and free of cost. Hackers use secret softwares for their so-called "hacking" work. But when everyone uses the same softwares for playing pranks, there is no hacker any more and all of them are script kiddies. 

How do they sustain themselves? Most of then were supported with funds and investments that they have plus their earnings in consultancy work. But nealry half of the 114 involved with Matriux (and numbers are rising) came voluntarily saying that they would help out, whatever may be the work. Their cool logo, believe it or not, was designed by a 10th class student! 

And finally, in the words of Pavan himself, "Matriux is not only an operating system; It is a phenomenon that aims to target all of us."

I just hope this post was not boring, but informative. All the best, and do visit for more. Check out some really cool wallpapers @ Some of my favorites are here below.

Bye for now!


AK Gupta said...

Hey nice work. How can I contact Pavan Vasu and his team Abhishek. I am really interested in their work and would like to call for a seminar.

Varun Reddy Sevva said...

Hi Mr. Gupta

Abhishek is merely a common friend and is not one of the founders of Matriux. As for contacting Pavan, you can reach him at If you can send your contact details to my email id (, I shall be more than happy to forward them to Pavan. He rarely comes online, but I cannot reveal his personal email id as I do not have the authority to do so.


Cathy said...

Really nice and informative article.

Varun Reddy Sevva said...

Thank you Ms. Cathy. Your blog on techno-legal news is really informative. I will read it regularly from now on.

pavan said...

Tats really nice to see cyber security concepts in your blog...a thousand tons of thanx for you varun.
Hello MR.GUPTA tanx for those comments in this blog, you can reach us at 24*365 . we promise to reach you back within 24-48 hours you can even reach me at
Hello cathy,it was nice to see your fantastic work on that blog and thanx for spending few mins on this blog and leaving your comments .And further you will see information about much more dangerous things that we were generaly do on net in short time.
get back to this link soon!!

AK Gupta said...

Hey Pavan and Varun,

I mailed you my contact details to, no reply yet. Or shall I send the mail to

Varun Reddy Sevva said...

Dear Sir

Please send a mail to both and You shall receive a communication within 24 to 48 hours.


AK Gupta said...

Can I have his official matriux email ID as our organization would like to invite him officially. If he doesn't have one, then ask him to reply back from or ask him to create one.

Varun Reddy Sevva said...

I will inform him as soon as possible. He rarely comes online now-a-days, but I will send him the message.

Thank you for your patience.


vasu said...

no problem mr.gupta you can mail us at
we will get you back within 24 hours .
Since we were fighting with innumerable spam content is taking a min 24 hours to get back to you.
very sory for the inconvinence

AK Gupta said...

Hey, I have mailed the complete details to including our corporate profile. Kindly revert back at the earliest. Any clarification, feel free to contact me on the cell #.

AK Gupta said...


Awaiting your reply. The promised 24 hrs passed. Any progress or are you people still searching through the innumerable spam content. I have resent the same once again to in case you missed the first.

AK Gupta said...


I think its time for your to edit your blog. I don't think Pavan Vasu is even part of Matriux. He never got back to me as promised. Better check on what you blogged.

PRAJWAL said...

i would rather say Pavan vasu is no way related to Matriux project
he is no way related to Matriux.

This is totally a false claim

so please change your blog content to what is the real fact

IIM ka Sarkari Babu said...


Pavan introduced me to Matriux and these are his claims,not mine. If you have any proof against him, please let me know. It's been a long time since I have seen Pavan online. So I am not sure of anything.


sarada nagachandra said...

I agree with Mr.Gupta and Prajwal this is totally a false claim, I have visited matriux long ago I have spoken with its founder who is Manu Zacharia.
Manu is a student of Ankit fadia and author of the book Intrusion detection which was released by hitech publishers (One can get this book on any book shop.).Pavan vasu or Abhishek is now not a part of Matriux .
Abhi balakrishnan of cousre still assisting his master with bugs Pavan vasu left Matriux a long back(information as on August 2009).
I think this is the time you need to change your content if you need I can ask Manu Zacharia to upload his legal heirs on his website.