Friday, April 17, 2009

Damn the indelible ink!

Hi friends

Yes, I voted for the first time in my life! And it was funny because I could give my vote twice, unlike most of my compatriots in various other parts of India. 

No, there was no cheating involved. It's just that since TDP decided to call the elections early in 2004 (riding on the "India Shining" wave of the NDA), in AP we have both the Assembly and Lok Sabha Elections taking place at the same time. So I could give my vote at both the National and the State Level. And both of then went to different parties, as according to what I had written in one of my previous posts

Anyways, the procedure was simple and looked fair. however, the ladies line was disrupted because many of the ladies above the age of 75 wanted to go first to vote and hence my mom and grandmom were delayed by 45 minutes. Mine was done within 15 minutes!

I was not as much excited as I was the day prior to the voting. On the voting day, I was feeling sleepy because of some friends whom I had to call in the night and hence my sleep was delayed. This mood shift was unexpected as I was pretty much in the mood. But since we had 3 excited voters at my home, I caught up in the mood! And on the top if it, mom prepared Maggi for breakfast, which ofcourse I had to eat less because a) I am on a diet and b) I had a fight with mom. 

But the indelible ink is bothering me - It has not gone away even till today! It has blackened and my finger looks like a bleeding finger. but the feeling is something different altogether! Today I feel like a real citizen of India! I had all the rights, but I finally exercized the most important of them all - The Right To Vote!

Jai ho! 

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