Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Reflections of a delusional Indian...

Hi friends

Since I am at home, my usual frustation with my parents start to creep in really quick. Mom shouting and fighting with me; Dad underestimating me and everything that I think without even a scant respect or regard for my feelings; Grandma just trying to live her life - all has become the part of the usual life for me at home. Sincerely, I am tired and just want to start my boring professional life once and for all.

But I need a outlet for my frustation and what better way to do it than in a blog! So I started typing everything that I always wanted to talk about, or tell my parents. Ofcourse, the blog is "Varun Reddy" view-only blog, hence no one else can have access to it. But I will make it open to the public in due course of time as and when the time is appropriate.

The link is this: http://varun-reflects.blogspot.com/. And the title of the blog is: "Reflections of a delusional Indian".

Just wanted to tell you all about my sordid life (Truly speaking, blogging has indeed increased my vocabulory!)



Sugandha said...

hmmm. I guess u hv become used to ur carefree hostel life. Think again... how can three people, aged & experienced, who love u also, be wrong, trying to frustrate u n all. Something is wrong with u only I guess :P

P.S: I think blogger doesn't want to publish this comment. The word for verification I see below is toooo long n complicated :-|

IIM ka Sarkari Babu said...

I may be wrong in demanding the respect that I deserve and ask for basic human understanding. If they treat me like a kid of 10 years age, I will act as if they are human beings of 25 years age and react accordingly...