Saturday, April 11, 2009

Story of Peace...


I came across this story on some blog. It talks about peace. Here it goes:

There once was an incredibly rich man who commissioned two talented artists for a project. The rich man explained that he would pay one million dollars to the artist who was able to paint the perfect picture of "peace".

Several months later, both artists returned with their paintings. The first was the most beautiful image of the sun shining down on fields of glorious flowers, while in the background a rainbow stretched over a tranquil blue was indeed a "peaceful" picture. The rich man commended the artist for his work and then turned his attention to the second painting.

Unlike the first, this painting depicted a violent storm with dangerous thunder and lightening, flooding rain, and a fierce wind that nearly bent the trees in half. Convinced that he had won the million dollars, the first artist proclaimed with a smirk, "Anyone can see this isn't a painting of peace!"

But the rich man quickly jumped in. "I beg to differ with you," he said pointing to one of the trees straining against the wind. 

"There, safely nestled in the branches, sits a bird...and the bird's mouth is open in song because he knows that God has created the tree to withstand even the worst storm. And that, my friend, is peace."

Well, peace lies within you and you only. Peace lies in your confidence to weather even the worst storm and in placing your trust in God fully. Peace lies in that song of confidence that you sing when you know that you are taken care of. Peace is something that does not depend on what is around you, but on what is within you. This post changed my entire mindset towards peace and joy. If you are at peace from within, you are at peace in reality. Peace does not lie in soulful music, or in the calmness after the storm - It lies in you.

Peace be with all of you. Happy Easter!!

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