Thursday, July 09, 2009

Is the Price Right?

Consider this conversation:
Anurag: Suppose there is something that belongs to you. You love it dearly. But one day, that thing disappoints you a lot. It fails your expectations. You see no other alternative and you destroy that thing. Is it morally or legally right?
Satish: Well, if you own that thing, then it is upto you to decide what to do with it. You own it; you have every right over it.
Anurag: Then why is suicide a crime? Do I, or do I not, own my life?
Satish: Well, one’s life is a different thing altogether. You cannot compare your life to any other thing...
Anurag: But do I own my life or not?
Satish: Hmmm...

What would you say to this? Is your life your own? If yes, then why is an attempt to commit suicide a crime? If no, then who has the right over one’s life?

Suicide is considered a crime in this modern age. In this era, where the word freedom is as misused as public funds, a person doesn’t have the freedom over one’s own life. Where is the freedom if one doesn’t have freedom over one’s own life – the only thing we were born with when we came to earth?

People give many reasons as to why suicide is a crime. Some if the common ones are as follows:
1. It is doing injustice to your self. Just because you are in bad times doesn’t mean that you must end your life. Good times and bad times come in cycles and you have to just wait it out
2. Suicide is the last resort. Life is precious. Human life is a gift from God and it will end only when God wills it to end
3. Think about your parents and your dependants. How will they feel when you are not there anymore?
4. It’s an act of cowardice on the part of the individual. It must be condemned. What if all human beings feel the same way? Then the human race wouldn’t exist at all! People must be made to realize that it is not acceptable in the society.
5. Every life has a purpose. Just because you just haven’t realized it yet, it doesn’t mean you can end your life. You need to keep up hope.
6. Your life belongs to everyone who has ever interacted with you at every stage of your life. People who have seen you and know you. Just think about all of them. How would they feel when you die? Don’t you have nay respect for their feelings too?

And many more...

Of all such explanations that are put forward by various individuals, the one that appealed to me was the last point. You life is not just yours. It belongs to others too. But yes, you are the largest stakeholder and you are in the driver’s seat. But if you control 51% of your life, then the people around you have a stake in the remaining 49% of your life, don’t they?

So the next time you think about giving up your life, remember that your life is not just yours – it belongs to the whole world. Just don’t be the fluttering butterfly that causes a hurricane somewhere else in the world.


Raghu V N said...

This was exactly what i meant to say through my blog.. what a coincidence!!

IIM ka Sarkari Babu said...

@RVN: Yes man!