Thursday, November 26, 2009

Life, Marksheet and Heartbeat...


Rocket Singh, the movie, has evoked controversies in my mind even before the movie has released. It's just some of the dialogues in this trailer that make we wonder what values do we imbibe in ourselves, and on the "Americanization" of Indian values and lifestyle.

First of all, let me reiterate what Mr. Rocket Singh has to say:

"Life marksheet se nahin chalthi boss, life heartbeat se chalti hain"

Point 1: If life doesn't run on mark-sheets, then why did you mention your marks specifically? Why did you write your exams in the first place - you could have skipped them too! Just forget marks if there is no use of getting good marks and good grades. It must henceforth be made mandatory that all colleges do not use marks, and only use the "heart-beat" for admission into colleges. Students who go after marks have no life at all, right?

Point 2: Heartbeat, if I understand properly, refers to the enthusiasm and passion that the person has for life. It is the fullness of life that makes up that "heartbeat". So what if a person has both "marks" and the "heart". How will his success be predicted? Will the "marks" matter? Or is it just the "heart"? And how can one measure the passion?

Although this seems just like a disgruntled rambling from the mouth of a delusional gentleman in his mid-fifties, I am glad to say it's from me. That is because words like these make my blood boil, especially in times like there, where we are looking more towards Goddess Lakshmi, when in fact we should look towards Goddess Saraswati for guidance.
Has education lost its significance? Are getting marks that easy for some and that tough for the others, that we must leave it all to fate with the words "Yaar, woh fundoo hai, usko nahin milega toh kisko milega?" "Yaar, exam aise hi ho jayega yaar... Kya karenge utne number laake?"

I sincerely feel that those who work hard to score those extra 1-2 marks know the true value of marks. It's not the case of "Those who have nothing realize the value of something", but instead it's the opposite way round here. Isn't it unfair to label the studious ones as geeks? Didn't geeks like these invent "Google"? Didn't geeks like these build giant empires based on one paricular product?

Rocket Singh may feel life doesn't run on marksheets, but the inventors of the products he sells know the value of their marks, the value of their degree, that has added more value to the world than Rocket Singh can ever hope to.


Kjo said...

Hey Varun - Nice topic, I totally accept your opinion on the heart and marksheet wala racket!!! but I do contradict on the marks and studious ka funda.

More than the degree and the marks what has added value to the world is the knowledge , thought and the extra steps taken to prove or build these giant empires !! A geek doesnt need to be bookish or studious, its how he gives importance to his ideas and his / her goals and the values to improvise something or the other.

But most of the people I have been with and who got great mark where just alphabet mugging talented guys and most of the people who were and are doing great in life are the people who have really thought through and followed their ideas and values....

A superb post on a subject that needs so much reasoning... great going bud.. keep posting

Anonymous said...

Hey nice topic...

I don't judge ppl to be intelligent or not with the marks they score.
But then again they are imp as they occupy an imp place in every student's life.
But I am wondering,if somebody gets a good job these days,is it just b'cos of the marks they scored or is it something more...

IIM ka Sarkari Babu said...

@Kjo: Thanks man... You blog too sometimes :)

@Sivarchana: Usually it's something more... But all depends on the HR :)