Thursday, January 28, 2010

2009 - the best of times, the worst of times...

Hi friends

While coming home today, I happened to reflect upon my last 1 year and on what made my life different in 2009. Of course, recession and other negatives spoiled the year, but I was thinking of the positives that happened to me (I was in a sleepy mood, so most of the reflections were dreamy, hence positive)

The first positive was my losing weight at home – yes, you heard it right – I LOST 10 KILOS AT HOME!!! But then around 4 kilos of that weight came back, thanks to Delhi L But still, that’s a net loss of 6 kilos, and I am hanging onto that thin thread of hope.

The 2nd positive has been my independent life, having a 9-to-5, 5-day-a-week job (Yes Samatha, I am proud of my work after all!) that pays me less, but also gives me less work too J It’s always nice to see my bank balance (even though it is never up to my high expectations) and remind myself that I do not have to depend on dad for money at all J

The 3rd positive has been my roommates here in Delhi. Naveen (Swami ki Jai Ho!), Abhishek Bansiwal (compulsive shopper) and Arun Khera (compulsive bewda) have become my best friends here in Delhi. We share the same attitude towards life and appreciate the fact that we can adjust to each other without any hassles – not a single fight in the last 5 months we have been together!

Another main positive that I saw from 2009 is making new friends and strengthening old friendships. And most of them happened online (not something I am proud of, nevertheless). Being a geek (in the untraditional sense of the word), I had grown addicted to Facebook and Orkut, and the latest addiction being Twitter. 497 friends on Orkut, 504 friends on Facebook and 268 followers on Twitter (as on 28.01.2010) – it may not look like much, but it is a lot for a bloke like me who keeps all friends very close. Try keeping up with each and every person’s moves – and you will know how my life has been in 2009 J

Some main friends with whom my ties were strengthened – Febin, Samatha, Chandu and Jango – my regular chat buddies. Man life would have been a hell outside hel(L) in 2009 without these 4 folks. Febin and I talk a lot on the softer aspects of life and it brightens up my day every time (no further details). Samatha is always very patient enough to listen to my ramblings about my parents and all and answer my queries about many things w.r.t. the opposite sex. Chandu is one helluva guy, from whom I learn something new every time we chat – it’s almost like a competition (from my side) on who can tell the other person newer things. He is the only other guy who shares my passion in the Paranormal and Extraterrestrial activities. Jango – he has become more of a brother than a friend this last 1 year. We talk a lot (almost every two days) about everything to this planet – Steve Jobs, Movies and more movies! Infact, this March, I will be going to Baroda to celebrate his birthday and I’m going to get sloshed! (So in case any of you gets a call from me, make sure you hear me patiently – may be the only chance you can hear this genius fully drunk!)

Also I renewed ties with many school friends through Facebook and Orkut. I am always amazed how many of them remember me and other details of my school life so clearly, while I never recall anything at all! It makes me sad that the best days of my life have been wiped out of my memory, not by choice though. But they always remind me of such incidents, and I feel happy just to know that such things happened at school.

I cannot tell you what the biggest positive thing has been, as that may cause some controversy from some quarters. But I can surely tell you in retrospect – 2009 was not as bad as it seemed to be. Bye Bye 2009. hope 2010 is much more fun than you were.


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