Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Blast from the past...

This post is another one from my personal diary that I maintain in the form of a blog (and is only accessible to me). I have decided not to modify this post much, as I am sure no children read my blog anyways :)

Miami 1999 was one place I can never forget in my lifetime. It was the summer of 1999, and
I can assure you that 
it was very different from the one mentioned in Bryan Adams' song

It was my second visit to the USA, and I was a bit more of a man then I was in 1998 (Meaning: I was fatter and more bulky). This time my uncle decided to show us the beaches of Miami too (We had seen Disneyland on my first visit too). I was enamoured by the sights and sounds of Miami - the place seemed to be the closest I could come to heaven in my lifetime! The hotel where we stayed was a top-notch 5 star hotel and even till today (03.02.2010), it is the costliest hotel that I have ever stayed at.

Coming to the point - there was some show taking place after dinner, a show that was supposed to cater mostly to adults (but no one really bothered about that part). I did not want to sit there with my parents seeing some more-than-half-naked belly dancers give a fantastic performance (I would, had I not been sitting with my mom and dad). So, 
feigning a headache, I took my
 uncle's permission and went back to the hotel room and started watching TV, hoping to get lucky (i.e.  get a glimpse of some show that we could not see in front of parents).

I understood one thing at that tender age - in the USA, everyone tends to get lucky at sometime or the other! I bumped into a TV show that was clearly erotic by any standards. Since I was just a kid then (14 - still a kid by "Indian Parental Standards of 1999"), I did not know what to make out of it, but I had a fair knowledge of what I was seeing and hearing. It was my first exposure to the so-called "open society" that USA is. Well, I never remembered what show I saw, nor did I remember the characters. However, I did remember the scenes that took place and and they were in my memory even 10 years later.

Very recently, I was watching "Sex and the City", because it so happens that I hated the very title of the show, and hence wanted to see if my hate is justified (I don't like to discriminate without any purpose). Surprisingly, I loved the show and its storyline right from S1E1. Then one day, I was watching S1E3 titled "Bay of Married Pigs". While the show was going on, I suddenly recalled - "Hey! This was the very episode on TV that day!" I could even remember the dialogues of the show! It felt nice that I could finally put some faces and voices to what was one of my first ever "experiences" on TV. I remembered Samantha's face, but I couldn't recall the face of the woman she called to talk about her "experiences" (It was Carrie). I later discovered that this episode was almost a year old (must be a re-run or something like that) when I had seen it on TV that fateful day in 1999.

Anyways, just wanted you'll to know about something that was like a blast from the past for me!

This was a very weird experience for me, as I always maintained (as a thumb rule) not to divulge certain stuff on my blog. But this was just another small event in my life, as as I come to think of them, I realize that I am much more mature than what I was when I first wrote this post on 27.08.2009 (which is barely 5 months ago), and hence am able to post it in this blog. Can 5 months really change that much? I can say with certainty that 5 months is a very long period in the life of a modern-day human being. 

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