Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Chasing Amy...

Hi friends

After 2 years and 3 months since my Sir suggested two movies in a comment to this post, I finally decided to see the movie "Chasing Amy", and happened to start seeing it exactly at 11:58 pm on February 14th, accompanied by pizza and darkness (The lights were shut off so that I could have a real movie experience).

Brief Summary: Holden falls in love with a lesbian-identified Alyssa. She never opened up to a man before, and is relishing every moment of it. But his best friend, Banky, a possible homophobic (because one scene makes it look for sure that he isn't one, or may be he was just drunk), tries to get them to separate in many ways. What happens next is what you need to see to understand.

I was not at all surprised by the very open sexual dialogue(s) in this movie. In a movie where a man falls head-over-heels for a lesbian, there is nothing more to expect! What I liked was the way the story progressed - perfect pace. There was nothing special about the movie - and that's what made it very special to me. Addressing one of the most complex love-stories possible, Kevin Smith made sure that the audience remained captivated and entertained till the end.

Who is Amy? Who is chasing her and why? I  thought that the actress was called Amy and that the hero would chase her and succeed to convert her at the end of the movie. But then, she is Alyssa. And she falls for him very early into the movie. Hmmm.

But the brief scene in which mentioned "Amy" was the turning point of this whole movie. You can never ever expect the ending - No way. what Holden thinks and imagines is beyond anyone's wildest dreams! But I empathized with Alyssa (although I still cannot come to terms with the LGBT community) and understood her feelings very well. During the movie, I could understand each and every thought that was going on in her head - for a moment I felt I had cracked the the eternal mystery of "What Women Want", like some code!

The movie addresses love in a way we have never seen before (atleast for me). This is not a movie meant to be seen for its acting, but for its story and dialogue. If you want 100 minutes of entertainment and rib-tickling confused-love, this is certainly the movie for you.

By the way, Kevin Smith has made other awesome movies like"Clerks" and "Zack and Miri Make a Porno". If you liked them, then make sure you see this one too.

Thank you Adi Sir for recommending this movie. Although I have already seen "Being John Malkovich" before, I will see it once again, to understand it much better and learn from it, and to put things in perspective.

Ciao for now.


Anonymous said...

THat was sort of confusing...maybe watching the movie will clear the confusion aways!
Anyways you seems you had a very relaxing weekend?

IIM ka Sarkari Babu said...

Yes I did... Thanks for asking :)