Saturday, February 27, 2010

The End of Days...

Hi friends

As much as I hate to do this, and as much as my near-and-dear friends told me “Don’t do this man, just don’t”, it is with a heavy heart that I am stopping this blog for a minimum of 6 months effective from today. I may re-start this blog from September 2010 onwards, subject to many conditions. I have been asked “Why now?” by all those who knew about this in advance, and sadly I have no reply to that question even now. It is a drastic decision from my side, a very rash decision. But I just felt that it needed to be done.

No, the movie “Leader” did not inspire me to make such a drastic decision. I had made my decision around 16th/17th of January this year. I was at the peak of my depression then, and I just wanted to do something drastic. I started evaluating what went wrong with my life, and in that process realized that the most important thing to me (apart from my parents) was my blog. It was not something that was wrong, but it felt like it had got to me. Yes I was in love with my blog, and each of its 25 followers, and each of the 63 people who have made a useful/encouraging comment in it as of now (Yes I do keep track folks). Their names I have listed in this link here (with due messages for each of them) for everyone to see.

My blog has been a very integral part of my life for the last 3 years. I have lived a complete different life though it – I have argued with folks, received threats, and got nice reviews for it. Some days, the only thing that kept me blogging was the fact that some friends used to tell me – “Dude, when we feel bored we open and read your blog. Always something good to read in it”.

I never tried to market my blog – and honestly I am very poor at marketing things. But I was content with what I wrote, as I wrote mostly for myself. Seeing so many people relate to what I wrote made me a very happy man.

This blog was supposed to be a good CV point, and you are all responsible for making this my best CV point yet. Thank you all for your support.

I hope that by September, I would be a more sensible and less frustrated person than I am now.

P.S. I have started a book-review blog (Link here) that I will keep updating as and when I feel like it. It won’t be regular, nor would it be addictive.



BRAT said...

abbey.. whts hapened to you??.. kyun itna frustiya hua hai??

Tavish Chadha said...

yeah even i didnt get an answer when i asked u WHY!! but whatever it is... goo luck with watever u plan... and hope to see u back in September...

Tavish Chadha said...

and thanks for that nice line u wrote for me on ur other blog :)

Mural! said...

I hope that everything will turn out right and that you will start blogging again!!

Raghu V N said...

I cannot understand this..Why are you stop writing?

Even though I haven't finished reading all of your posts, I felt that you are a "man on a mission"!!

"You write well dude. People may not fully find time to comment on your blog, but that does not mean you should not stop writing - some of my friends access my blog once every three months or so when they feel like reading. They may not leave comments, but do tell me to keep writing."

These are your words about my blog(in Indiblogger) and I think, these things may be relevant to you too now!! You cannot predict yourself on how you influence the people around you. It is beyond your control and the way you study the subjects in your blog really astonished me.. I can feel that it is the result of some time consuming thoughts along with your own experiences!

Please don't stop writing. One day or another you are going to receive what you deserve and this is not the right time to stop what you are upto.

You told me to "keep blogging" in your other blog and I am going to do what you are saying and I advice you to follow me!:)



NB: you can ignore this entire comment if you are behind something bigger than what you were doing here!!

Kjo said...

Buddy, this is one of the shocking news I have known and so late. hmmm no words to advise or beg you to write more. But will wait for september... until then keep your memories alive. :) cheers bro. JK

brandMARIO said...

end of days is over... india's prosperity is here... :-)

need a favour varun... Im taking part in the indiblogger contest and i need ur vote...

please do read my post and promote it. I bet you will like it... :-)

its about converting ur 'pee to petrol' :P