Saturday, February 13, 2010

The missed months...

Why do I blog?

This is not a question that someone asked me. It's something I ask myself all the time. And I've never really understood why I do keep blogging. I don't have the motivation for sure and I have run out of interesting stuff to blog about. May be it's just because I have nothing else to do in life. I just eat (mostly food), sleep (like a fat baby), drink (water and vodka) and blog (like a madman). In short, I am living a life that should not be lived by any sane human being :D

Anyways, after reading this post by Bharat Jhurani, I decided to have a look at the months I did not blog in my short 3 years of existence in the blogosphere. There were 3 full months when I was completely off blogging. By the way, a point to note - I started blogging the very first month Bharat missed a blog post - Coincidence :) Here are the three months I failed to blog (and the reasons):

1. January 2007: I had just started blogging (in December 2006) and was very energetic and enthusiastic. But then, after 5 posts in a span of 10 days (pretty awesome I must say for my standards), I had not received a single comment. Plus, I had received my CAT results and had to concentrate on XAT and GD/PI too. Weekends flew by pretty quick and the weekdays were spent negotiating with teachers for attendance. We did not have internet in our rooms, and the CC (Computer Centre) was quite full. Add to that Kurukshetra winters and my lazy body, and you'll have a full picture of why I did not blog at all in January 2007.

P.S. I received my first comment in February for this post, which happened to be my only post that month. As a tribute to that comment made by Adi Sir, I am going to see "Chasing Amy" (recommended by him in a later comment) on Valentine's Day this year.

2. February 2009: Two years earlier, it was GD/PI headache that made me forget blogging, and two years later, the story remained the same. Thanks to the recession, job-time was tougher and preparation was on (to finally end up in my Sarkari job). The exams and other tensions had all got to my head. Not surprisingly, it had been just a few months since the election of Obama (In 2008 I averaged almost 6 posts every month!) and perhaps I did not have any more juice left to squeeze :)

3. September 2009: This was the month I had slipped into depression (seriously). I was still stuck @ my current job, I was feeling lonely (not many times in my life have I felt completely alone) and I was growing fat. I was conscious of it, and that's what made it worse (which is contrary to what people think). Luckily, I had a good time on my birthday and the month ended well. But the fact that I blogged just once in the following month is a reflection of my continued depression.

Will I keep blogging? Only time will tell. But I just hope that these were the last 3 months,and I wish not to have any more such months. Why? Because I discovered that although not many people read my blog, those that matter to me do read it. And if not for my sake, atleast for their sake, I will keep rambling :)



Anonymous said...

Yes Dear!
Keep Rambling..Keep blogging :)
Inb/w I write more when I feel depressed :)

Take Care!

BRAT said...

gud one dude!!! cld hav been more elaborate though..

IIM ka Sarkari Babu said...

@Sivarchana: Well, looking at my blogging spree, may be you are right :)

@BJ: Well, I saw how elaborate you were, and I felt I couldn't have made mine that good, so decided against that. Thanks for reading though: