Thursday, February 04, 2010

Religion, Reason and Choice (Part 2)

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6. Question: Did you ever come across persons who argue shit about a point and wonder WTF are you trying to reason out. You can’t beat shit with shit. Shit is shit. If you try to, you have shit all over yourself. What you usually do when you know the other person is full of shit?

My answer was diplomatic. I would just see how that person is useful to me – if he/she is useful to me in some way I retain the friendship, else I don’t talk to him/her again. Suppose this happens @ my workplace, then I try to avoid the person as much as possible, and if that is not possible, I just tell it on their face (trust me, I did it before and am not afraid to do it again).

7. Memories: Talking about software life, we came to an interesting conclusion that in life, there is no such thing as good or bad, it’s only memories. Whatever happens is just a mere recording – It’s just stuff that happens to you. You are just an actor running through a very long play.

8. The “feel good” factor: Suddenly we jumped to the point about helping others. Do you think helping someone makes you feel good? I felt that I do it because of vested interests, mostly knowing that I will have help when I need it and that’s how I feel good. It is not completely selfish - I it’s like life is just about give and take. When you give you expect that you get it back in some other form from someone else – it is an underlying feeling. It doesn’t come with a motive – it’s natural. Then Raman made the statement of the day – “I wonder how helping someone is any different from say having a beer or a GF or sex or wife. It's all the same - it is about feeling good” – Perfect statement indeed when you come to think about it J If you look at them as mere events of life, they aren’t different. But if you classify these events into various other sub events as to why you are doing them, then they are very different. It’s not just how they feel to you; it’s also why you feels how you feel. And the “why” can be found in the various virtues that are beaten into us from childhood – “Do good and good will be done to you. Think about religion as a mobilizing and a uniting force, like a large brotherhood, to ingrain these virtues into you.

9. Me first: There is a threshold too, the precipice for action for those within the curve. The point of beliefs is to avoid the emotional black hole that one can get sucked. It is important for the concept of “live and let live”, but at the same time it is vulnerable to the people ahead of the curve. The people ahead of the curve know that they may be ahead, but the masses have the numbers and hence the manipulation takes place – it’s more like saving one’s own arse. The three classes of people ahead of the curve is also important and the elite are in the 2 class.

10. Life in Software: Things fuck up when in recession with the pathetic extra hours, odd timings etc. The same mundane life, which gives you the feeling that the quality of life has improved where in actuality it has fucked you in ways unimaginable. I have not yet worked in a software firm, but I can sure understand this even related to my own job.

We agreed that no one likes or understands this crap - it only grows with age perhaps. There was never an ocean of information that we have now. Perhaps, atleast our generation, may change things for the better through this understanding and discuss more serious issues in life.

Ciao for now.

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