Thursday, February 25, 2010

SRK, MNIK and Indian security...

"When terror hit Mumbai, the Indian elite community was blowing with anger because they were affected. Abhi saale sab chup karke baithe hue hain Pune ke baad".

Hi friends

This statement, made by a friend of mine in a chat, got me thinking about this whole SRK, Shiv Sena and Pune blasts' issue. I rarely think about such issues, because I really have no views of my own on things I do not think about at all. After all, what SRK said was just a publicity stunt aimed at promoting his movie, right? And so was the reply given by the Sena and other anti-Pakistan activists in India, right?

I think simple, I hate complications in life. Hence two very simple points certainly came to my mind after thinking about this for a while.

1. What I wrote about the elite in a previous unrelated post made more sense seeing the practical visible situation in India.

2. The security apparatus in India may / may-not suck, but the lethargy of the Indian Security System is appalling. If they can provide security to so many theatres, I think they can also provide similar security to main city centres and other areas especially the ones that tourists frequent.

Let me elaborate:

1. The point that really hits my mind is the indifference shown by the elite towards anything that does not involve them at all. I know this is how they have reached the pinnacle of their careers (atleast most of them), but the common man expects something from them.

I think if everyone understands the principle of "Giving back to the society", there would be no need for Communism or Socialism, as these concepts talk about the greater good. If the elite start thinking of ways to contribute back as much as possible, the world would be a much better place and the greater good will finally happen.

2. Truly speaking, SRK works up a lot of magic. He can get villages to light up using just a tank-full of water (Swades), or in this case - one threat and the entire theatres get full security. Can't we have atleast 50% of that security in other areas on other normal days? Is it too much to ask? (P.S. I have nothing against SRK - he is a great actor and a down-to-earth guy, a very recent revelation). Do we need to be so reactive in nature?

Indians have always been reactive. We happily suffered under the British, waging our lone small battles. And we needed a dhoti-wearing baldy to come and tell us - "What the f**k are you doing? Don't you see what is happening to you and what they are doing to you?" They asked him - "What can we do?" And he gave them the mantra we still follow today - "That's the beauty of it - Don't do anything. But let them know you are suffering. The guilt will drive them away". Now as we moved on, we became so much of a passive reactionary race that we see the problem, and say to ourselves - "I see you coming. But you are so far away - so I will wait. When you come close, I will strike".

Reactive is what the common man is. Hence we elect our representatives to be the proactive people and fight it out on our behalf, to identify our problems and give us the solutions. But they are more interested in saving their arses rather than yours or mine.

Ciao for now.

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