Saturday, March 10, 2007

BPD... I hope it works in Modern India!

Hi friends,

In the recent days, many of us must have read about the emergence of many new enlightened political parties like the Bharat Punarnirman Dal (BPD) and Lok Paritran (which was started long before BPD). This clearly represents a shift in the ideology of many emerging middle-class educated Indians.

The typical middle-class Indian male has a relatively simple mentality - He studies to get a good job, marries, settles down with a good job, has 1-2 kids, educates them well and all the while, he only goes on blaming the government's inability to control corruption. He always has a fixed party in mind - If he does vote, he votes only for that party (usually it is the Congress party!). Then, he tries to find all good things with that party until one fine day, he realizes he was absolutely wrong! He feel betrayed by the government! But he knows that he was voting for the lesser of the crooks.... So what should he do now? Whom should he trust? This is what he keeps thinking...

Now, young men like Ravi Kishore and Ajit Shukla - who both studied aerospace engineering at IIT Mumbai - are not thinking anymore.... Theyknow what they must do... and they did it!They are hoping to engineer a social change through their party, the Bharat Punarnirman Dal (BPD).

Mainstream politics, dominated by money and muscle power can be a scary place to be for the educated middle class, but these young IITians are changing all that. According to Ravi Kishore, “The time has come when we stopped talking and instead start acting. We are creating a platform for people who want to make a change now and we have come here to deliver that change.” (Now, this is what I call ACTION! They are the ones who are trying to make it happen, friends!)

These young men don’t have a fixed ideology, money or cadre to call their own. They say all they have is integrity and big plans for the country - plans to hire people who will be solution providers, make sure the administration is clean and most importantly, retire politicians at the age of 60. (Now this is really cool! We will have no more Vajipayees and Deve Gowdas - The Parliament will no more be a sleepyhead conventiom!)

Says BPD President, Ajit Shukla, “It’s not about the money. Everyone has to begin somewhere. People will ultimately follow you if you have the conviction.” (This is really leading by example. Friends, I hope these are the true leaders we have all been waiting for!)

Well, this was what I extraced from a newspaper article in the DNA. This is not a new initiative my friends... In the South, a similar initiative was started by some IITians and the party is called as "Lok Paritran". I am not saying that they triumphed home in the elections, but the response was better than expected....

Well, I request all those reading this to spread awareness about these two parties. You can read more about Lok Paritran at Also. I pray that the BPD puts up a better show in the elections comong up in Uttar Pradesh and Punjab... May the votes be with you!

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