Thursday, March 22, 2007

What a coincidence!!!!!

Hi fellas!!!!

Well I'm here in Delhi at the house of my uncle in Rohini, gearing up for my IIML interview tomorrow. I do not have much hopes as in all my interviews, either the case-study goes well (As in IIT B and in IIM A) or the interview (As in IIM C and IIM K - was a stress interview, but I managed well!). where both went well (As it was at IIM B), the chances are slim as less freshers are taken!

I had nearly 4 people who were in my group in IIMK, IIMC and IIMA interviews - The same people!!! This was a real coincidence!!! We really know each other well now and they must be probably knowing my chances are slim!! Also in my IIMC and IIMA, I was the lone fresher in my group - A very horrifying situation! Still, I fared well-enough, I think. Only the results will tell.. in April.

Apart from that co-incidence, I had two weird experiences in the last one week! One is related to my good friend Karthik Narayan - The best Blogger I know!! A few words about this fine fella... He is a Chennaite who has already been summoned as a lifeline by 2 participants on KBC!! Also he seems to have 48 hours in his day!! And by far my favourite quizzer!! Read his blog at

Coming to the co-incidence, well, thats a bit private... Something between me and Karthik, so i decided not to put it at all. But it was weird!

Another co-incidence - Today, I was chatting with an old tuition friend Samatha (She and I attended the same tuition in 10th for coaching to enter a pre-IIT coaching institute!!!) And was also simultaneously chatting with Anand, a good school-friend of mine. Guess what was the coincidence??? Both were born on the same day - 26th January, 1986, which also "co-incidentally" happens to be "Republic Day".

Till more such coincidences...