Sunday, March 25, 2007

Indian Ashes...

Hi fellas,

These are sad moments for cricket - Indian Cricket in particular. My room-mate is such a big fan of Dravid that he refuses to believe that it is his fault! Well, if the captain is responsible for the success of a team, he is also responsible for its failures. Hope Anda understands it!

Continuing with cricket, I was a bit fortunate with regards to the schedules of our matches in the WC - On 17th (India vs Bangladesh) I had IIT Bombay interview; On 19th (India vs Bermuda) I had IIM Ahmedabad interview and on 23rd (India vs Sri Lanka) I had IIM Lucknow interview. The reults of these interviews, if in sync with our teams performance, guarantees me a seat in IIMA (Please God, for once let this not be a co-incidence!! Please!!)

Read a very interesting (and light-hearted!) post by a good friend of mine - Karthik Narayan!

Adding to it a 5th reason of his death as spread by SMSes:

5. A copy of the DVD of the movie "Veerasamy" was found in his room. Veerasamy is the worst south-Indian film ever made... Poor chap... Had he seen some stunts made by Rajinikant in his movies, he would have murdered the Pakistanis for their inefficient "fielding"...

Well, his death is a big blow to the Cricketing community. He will be remembered as the coach who was always innovative and was let down by a bunch of potatoes and beards... Mr. Woolmer, wherever you are, I wish to tell you that those who murdered you will not be spared at all... If not the courts, the Cricketing community will give those men/women (I am trying not to sound sexist!) its verdict - Death by hanging!


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