Sunday, April 08, 2007

Are Muslims a minority in India?? Or are Bangladeshis the "real minority"??

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Well, I know that I am dealing with a controversial topic here, so I wish to state here that all views expressed here are my own and have no relation with any other person living or dead. Any relation, if found, is purely co-incidental, unless mentioned explicitly.

Consider these statistics:

Jammu and Kashmir - 67% Muslims (That is an expected figure! After all, it is J&K! There are bound to be many Muslims there!)

Assam - 31% (What??? Perhaps it is possible... I don't know much about Assam.. But 31% is a really large number..)

West Bengal - 25% (What?? How is that possible??? Bengalis and Muslims?? These statistics must be wrong for sure.. Neatly distorted..)

Well, a few years ago, that statements in the brackets would have been my reaction to the statistics given above about the three most populous states in India w.r.t Muslim population. But these are the statistics given recently in a news-report in NDTV. And believe me, I was not surprised at all!

When I was in the common room of my hostel, there were two other close friends of mine with me (I am not mentioning their names to protect their privacy). I could see the gleams on their faces - One telling "Atlast, something I wanted to be highlighted about my state! I hope more people realise it's a fact!" and the other telling "Nice! Just as I knew! I knew it all long!" Both of them saw this article and I was sitting there like a satisfied fella thinking "Neat! This would have been like a sensational news a few years back for me! But I know the truth now!"

This news-article was dealing with the fact that the Uttar Pradesh High Court stated that Muslims are not a minority in UP anymore. There were mant people who said that "A 10% is not a minority" and I strongly agree with that. Minority status should not be given on account of numbers - they should consider the entire statistics like income, health e.t.c. Also, why should we have any such thing as a minority? India is a secular land - all of us are equal in the eyes of the law and have equal rights. Then why these special minority considerations?

For example, I am a christian. I am well aware of my rights and the laws of the land. I don't need any special quotas or special statuses to go ahead in life. I can work on my own and I know that hard-work always pays! Determination and not special privilege is the key to success.

Coming back to the case about the Muslims, I strongly feel that Muslims are no more a majority in the minority. They have been given enough time and privileges to improve the status of their community. How much more time do the other have to reel under more quotas? As if the existing quotas are not enough...

If we talk about the minorities, Muslims are the most under-developed as far as statistics go. Highest infant mortality rate, lowest literacy rate (considering the fact that the main definition of "literate" in India is to know how to put a signature on legal documents, this is really a sorry figure!) , highest rate of unemployment e.t.c All these, even after 49 years of indepencence! This is the limit!

Coming back to the statistics, one may wonder how come so many muslims in Assam and West Bengal. Well, the answer is simple - Bangladeshis! This, my friends, is the result of excessive infiltration by Bangladeshis - both Muslims and Hindus - into India, thanks to Ms. Indira Gandhi! Thanks to her, the entire culture of the state of Assam is facing extinction! Thank you madam. I'm sure the entire state of Assam is very proud of you being the first female PM of India!

Also, has anyone ever wondered about the state of affairs in Tripura?? If you have a map of India (if not, see the map in the internet!), just locate Tripura in it. Well, 75% of it is "submerged" in Bangladesh. Imagine the state of affairs there!! My friend from Tripura tells me that more than 70% of the people in his town are Bangladeshis!! No wonder they are called as "Parasites".

So, if the Muslims still want to be given any such quota, they should first see to it that all of them are registered Indian citizens. Such a benefit should not go to some infiltrators whose only duty is to eat Indian salt and become a Namak-Halal!



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Hi Varun,

A real good post. Keep it up. Love to read more on these lines.....

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I second Aaaaalu :)

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