Sunday, April 01, 2007

Cellphone - An Umblical cord???

Hi fellas...

I know the title of this post sounds crazy... But it is indeed true... Until a few days ago, I did not realize that the cellphone is indeed my umbilical cord - My all-day-and-night connection to the outside world... You may be thinking "What on earth made you feel so?"

Well, here's what happened:

  • I was kinda celebrating the end of my interviews (a real relaxing period for me indeed!!) with three of my friends who fortunately did not have dinner on that fateful day - 29th March. So after a nice meal at our "heaven in hell" called "Golden-Eye Restaurant", we were strolling around, trying to think where would we be in the next few years. I called up my dad and then spoke to him (As usual, he told me that "You could have done better.... How did you forget the answer to that question?? You are a quizzer; You should know such stuff..... You should have spoken more in the GD..... You could have done better..... It was better if you had answered it like this"... and so on!!). When I was about to put it into my pocket, it slipped and fell into the water below the bridge I was standing - The bridge over a small water-system in our college, it is referred to as BOK - Bridge of Knowledge - in our college.

  • I was shocked at that point. I did not know what to do!!! My friend Jango (nickname for Jangam Vidyasagar) somehow went into the water which was thigh-deep (It was dark and there was no electricity thanks to the regular power cut of 2-3 hours). He did not find it. I also went in with no avail! When the power came back, it was still hard to see anything in the water. I went in again, this time bare-foot! I felt something vibrating and I jerked back my foot thinking it was some electric-eel (wild imaginations!). But I realized that it could also be my mobile. And it was - vibrating as if it was shivering in that cold, murky water! I removed it and dried it! It works fine now except for the keys 6 and 9 which are not working properly.

  • I always felt that I can live without my mobile but for the first time, I realized that I cannot do so! For a few days, I felt as if I was cut-off from the outside world. It was frightening and scary!

  • Long live Samsung for producing such a durable phone - The Samsung X200!


sam said...

seems like u get few comments.. having read all ur blogs.. i shud confess i like your blogs :-) your blogspot seems complete (covers most angles of life).. keep up the good job.. i shal b a regular visitor of ur blogs from now.. :-)

IIM ka Sarkari Babu said...

Thanks man! Thanks a lot!