Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My life in an IIM...


A this time, I really hated this college like hell (and that's what it is called by all of us here - HEL(L). But still, there are some moments in this college that I will definitely remember (and yet, it has been just a month since I came here!!)

First, I got many great friends here - Abhay, Rahul, Bharat, Srinivas, Anand and Rajeev (both seniors) and not to forget Prakhar, my inspiration to actually try for the IIMs. they are many more in the list - Abhishek, KK, Abhinav, Sumit, Sidharth, Sameer, Ayush (Technically, my first IIML friend - we met online even before we came here!) etc. Of them, Abhay and Rahul are my first and best friends here. We study, time-pass and kick each others butt!!! Both are nice chaps.

Also not to forget Swarup, Shubham, Prakash, Ritesh, Nannu, Nishant, Ashish, Nirav and Vikrant (both look like twins!), Ashutosh, Saptarsi, Charan and Mukesh (Seniors).

Well, notice one thing - no girls in the list at all - Well, all those who know me well would know why is that so. For those who don't know, well, here goes the reasons: 1) I am shy and usually do not socialize with girls 2) I get rude and behave rudely with them and 3) I am really not good at face-to-face chat with the opposite-sex.

Also we have a wonderful Bible-study group here. It happens in the room of a senior (Aneesh) and is taken by Rev. Paras Tayade. But I still miss the sessions I had in Kurukshetra and I hope the sessions here change my life as they did to me in NITK.

Well, a few days ago, I had a wonderful experience in college. We were delivered a guest-lecture by Justice Brijesh Kumar (Former Judge, Supreme Court of India and presently Chairman, Krishna Water Dispute Tribunal, New Delhi). I slept though most of the seminar as the audibility was low, but what was interesting about all this was that I was the chief photographer of this entire session.

We had another session before that, by Prof. B B Pande of Human Rights Commission of India. that session was really great and I was very moved by the points made by him. And I was the photographer for that session too!! I used my Sony Handy-cam for that purpose. I took many photographs and at the insistence of the Hon. Justice himself, my friend Abhay took a picture of me (on the right corner) with the Justice (in the middle) and Prof. D. S. Sengar (on the left), who made it possible to have such a wonderful session.

Apart form the study part that I learnt in these sessions. I also learnt how to take pictures in many ways, how to behave in front of dignitaries etc. Many of you and even those in the top companies like McKinsey may laugh at what I am saying and may feel that this person is just a kid. Well, I am still a kid. I value small things which make a meaningful difference to my life.

I value friendship and friends who are and have always been there for me (both the smokers and non-smokers). I value all the things that I feel make me a even a better person. Consider this: how many of us can truly say that he/she chats lot of meaningful stuff? Well, I surely can. I had many thought-altering and thought-reinforcing chats with many of my friends like Francis, Samatha, Sanchit, Karthik, Arun, Niranjan Anna and Abhishek (really thanks for all your inputs dude... Do well in NITK) and I value them a lot (Contrary to what anyone may actually think).

This may make many so-called potential recruiters feel that I am not a suitable person to do MBA. Well, I also feel so. But I will surely complete the degree at all costs. And guess what - I may not even sit for you companies. I don't want to present a fake profile of myself to you - This is me. If you want to, recruit me for what I am and not for what I am supposed to be.

Sorry for deviating from the main post. Well, its 5 in the morning now and I have an exam at 10am - Quantitative analysis in Management!!! I have one more chapter to complete before I can say that I am truly prepared. Will write more later.



Tifossi said...

Man am i jealous of u ..here I am stuck in coll with one class a day and virtually nothin to do the rest of da day dyin fr some work to do and u say all dese thngs...

abhi said...

varun firstly thank u for mentioning my name in ur blog .I am so sad for
ur life in iiml but in 2 years u will be in morgan stanly or meckinsey busy reaching ur targets . Now u r demanded but than u will demand .
i just want to say u all da best for the rest of life at iim .
dont forget me :)

Ajith said...

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IIM ka Sarkari Babu said...

@Tifossi: Man, I miss those days now :)

@Abhi: :)