Monday, July 16, 2007

Hell and Heaven @ IIML

Hell(o) friends,

Funny title for a post, isn't it? Well, it is not that funny if you consider the situation that I have been put through here. I do not have much to say about that except the fact that at IIM Lucknow, life's a hell! We are indeed living in hell...

Imagine a situation wherin you have all that you desire for - movies, songs, videos, unlimited internet access and many other things to fulfil your wildest desires 9don't take it too much in the literal sense)... But all of these come with a price tag - the tag that says "Study or get screwed". That sums up the story of my life here... I have studied a lot - In just a month, I have studied more than what I did in 2 years of Engineering in NIT Kurukshetra! And imagine, I have 19 more months to go (You do the math... I am very tired to do that right now!) in this course - This is freaking mad!!!

Now for all the fellas who are indeed aspiring to get into the 6 premier management colleges in the country - Please do so after 2-3 years of work-experience... Relax at work and take rest from all the hard-work done in your engineering... Earn and spend like crazy!!!


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