Thursday, September 27, 2007

Disturbia - Chills You, Thrills You, Makes You...


The name is compelling – “Disturbia”. I tried to find out what it actually means and was pleased with my efforts. It was what I felt it was – a portmanteau word, combination of “Disturb” and “Suburbia”. A portmanteau word is a word that is made by combining the first part of one word and the second part of another word, usually the ending of the first word and the starting of the second word have similar meanings. One of the most famous portmanteau words is “Californication”, a mix of California and Fornication – made famous by that song by RHCP band.

The movie is gripping. The first half moves with a moderate speed with the plot being built up gradually. It’s the part where the viewer gets an idea of the main story, the elements involved and the cast-profile. In the third quarter, one gets a feeling that the main protagonist is on the wrong track or has gone paranoid. It’s the last 20 minutes of the movie that grips you – Everything moves fast and the story has a conclusive ending.

I first saw Shia LaBeouf in the Disney film “The Greatest Game Ever Played”, where he played Francis Ouimet, a real-life golf player from a poor family who won the 1913 U.S. Open Championship. It was a wonderful role and I recognized that this boy has talent. Now in this movie, he played a wonderful role. Hope he does more such roles and grows up to be a wonderful actor one day. The heroine Sarah Roemer plays the “girl next door” pretty well. She is an American actress and model. I hope she also develops her roles and has greater diversity.

This was the best thing that this movie gave – new faces in good roles. Usually, new actors have small and unchallenging roles. But both the main characters in this movie were new-comers. So it was a welcome change. Carrie-Anne Moss had a small role of the hero’s mom and David Morse played the neighbor. But the main roles were that of two upcoming actors with fresh energy and ideas.

The movie can be seen by one and all with a little-bit of restriction. Best when viewed at night for that extra thrill and chill.
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