Friday, September 21, 2007

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels - He he he....


That was my one and only reaction to this classic comedy. The name says it all – Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. And the title protagonists were none other than Michael Caine and the one fella I like a lot, Steve Martin. This was my first Michael Caine movie and I really enjoyed it to the core.

Freddie (Steve Martin) is a small time con-artist from America. A con-artist code-named “Jackal” is on the loose and is believed to be operating from Europe. Freddie comes to Europe to test his skills there. Another con, Lawrence (Glenne Headly), a bigger fish than Freddie is already operating in a small, tourist-filled town in Spain. Freddie wants Lawrence to teach him how to con it big-time. Lawrence agrees on the condition that Freddie does exactly what he says. But when Freddie disagrees on how to spend the earnings, they both bet on who stays and who leaves. The bet is on who would be the first person to con the famous singer Janet Colgate (Glenne Headly) into giving up $50,000. But when Lawrence sees that she is not that rich, he wants to call off the bet, Freddie declines and wants the bet to continue, albeit in a different form. What happens next is something that can be a spoiler. So no mentions! But hey, don’t forget the “Jackal”, who must extract the most of this funny situation. Who is the “Jackal”? See the movie to find out.

A wholesome comedy with perfect timing and great acting. The ending is quite hilarious. One has to see the movie to feel its uniqueness.


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