Saturday, October 06, 2007

Bas Ek Pal…

Hi friends,

I did not have the heart to define any tagline for this one simply because I am still not able to believe that Bollywood can make such a movie. It’s rare that I see Hindi movies and even rarer is the fact that I write about it. I don’t know why – The film seemed good, the cast was good and the direction was good. The ending was tragic in the sense of the deaths but I felt that such an ending was necessary. I will explain later why I felt so.

How I, a confirmed anti-Hindi-movies chap, came to see two Hindi movies in a span of two weeks comes as a surprise to me itself. I was searching for the video to the song “Hai ishq hai kya ek kathaa” as I wanted to know the actors involved. I was having a feeling that Urmila was in it. When I found out that this was a song from this movie, I got it from a friend and saw the song. It was interesting enough to grab my attention for another 2 hours.

[Spoiler warning]

The movie was all about one fact – Relationships are like a thread. If they are broken, they can be tied once again, but the knot remains as a reminder of the earlier break. The more you try to bury your past, the more it comes to haunt you. That’s what happened with Ira and Steve. Steve treated his wife very shabbily. So much so that she fell in love with his friend, Rahul. She tried to keep the relationship between her and her hubby floating, but as I said, the knot remains as the hurdle.

A different relationship existed between Anamika and Nikhil. Anamika did not fall in love with him at first sight (though she found him cute!), but it was all love the other way round. But circumstances separated them and Anamika fell in love with Rahul later on. But the love for Anamika stuck to Nikhil like a Gordian knot. It was that love that strengthened his will to live in jail, where all hope was lost. This is one of the most powerful instances of love at work.

And the ending went on expected lines. Three lives were lost - one because of madness, one because of sheer frustration and the third because of true love. Who fits which description is upto you to decide.

[Spoiler Ends]

Urmila and Juhi were awesome. They are the most mature actresses in the industry right now and I can never go against the fact that Juhi can easily beat any Hollywood actress with her grace and charm. Urmila may have started with a small sleaze-show in “Rangeela” but life has been really colorful for her after that. She has matured as an actress and I hope to see even better roles from her. I really cannot resist her in any form. She is simply awesome!!

So the moral of this movie – Well, there is no morals this time. The topic is too sensitive to talk about. I don’t know how this applies to my life. I never fell in love and perhaps I never will. I don’t know what I would have done had I been in Nikhil’s place. I would have perhaps chickened out. I am not a coward, but I am not much of a risk-taker also. I would always think of my options. But Nikhil did not think otherwise. Is love that strong? Can one really give up one’s life for love? I may never know…


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