Monday, October 08, 2007

Swami – Persons die, but their memories live forever…

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All of those who know me must be wondering if Varun has gone mad, or if he has suddenly changed. Well, none of them actually, I just decided that if I get a good Bollywood movie, then I should see it. "Chak De" was one that I saw because of the concept, "Bas Ek Pal" happened by chance. But Swami was in a completely different league. Two of the finest actors in the industry – Manoj Bajpai and Juhi Chawla - teaming up for one really GREAT movie. It was plain and simple stuff, but it had the charm that one could relate to one’s life very easily, no matter what the situation.

Swami is a pure-Maharashtrian Brahmin married to a Tamilian-Brahmin, Radha. They move into the big city, Mumbai, after the birth of their son, Anand. The film then shows the untimely death of Radha, her parting gift to Swami and then the second half revolves around Swami and his grown-up son and his wife. How Swami and Anand strive to fulfill the promises made to Radha and how they take a difficult decision forms the rest of the story. The end is the climax of the movie – The very last 5 minutes are the most touching moments of the movie.

The acting was perfect – It was as if we were looking secretly into the lives of a common middle-class family. They were perfect in their roles (as they always are). Manoj Bajpai was exceptional. His facial expressions are one of the best in the industry at present. In the scene where he reacts to the sudden sale of his beloved rocking chair, he was awesome. The role was befitting for an Oscar and the movie for the award of “Best Casting”. The director was none other than Ganesh Acharya, the famous choreographer. The movie was his directorial debt and he made sure that he chose his actors well. As the lone comment on IMDB says, “Beautiful & Breathtaking”.

The movie is songless, but the soundtrack is really good. Inspite of all this, the movie was not a commercial success. My mom did not know about it and I am going to show her this movie once I go home. I hope (along with “The Smokin Armadillo”, the lone commenter on IMDB) that this does not stop the director from making such great movies. Hats off to Ganesh and his crew!!

Love is indeed a beautiful thing that one cherishes for an entire lifetime. Swami loved is wife so much that he was prepared to go any lengths for her because he knew that she loved him much much more. She gave up her comfort for his happiness and dreams and he devoted his entire life to fulfill her dreams. The son also took care of his dad till his prime.

It was heartening to see Anand’s love for Swami even in his old-age. All of us tend to forget what our parents did for us when we were young. We may feel that what they did was their duty and tend to ignore the love and care that they showered on us. We will not realize what it takes to bring up a child until we become parents one day. I really felt that parents do all this as a duty, never seeing the love they had for me. I promise myself that I will never speak any harsh word against them and will never misuse the freedom they have given me as long as I am alive.

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