Thursday, November 15, 2007

Chronicle of a carnage...


This is how the movie "Parzania" is actually described by DNA newspaper. I happened to see the movie just a few hours ago and I had to stop the movie for a few minutes in between just to keep myself from getting scared and upset. The truth, as far as I am concerned, was shown in the movie.

I don't know what happened in Gujarat. I am not even Gujarati for that matter. But I do know I always had a hunch that what happened there was more religious than political. It was not a small-scale reaction - It was a bloody carnage. It cannot be a sudden "Let's go and fight the Muslims" thing. I am pretty sure people cannot be mobilized so quickly in the name of religion in the face of such a disaster. So what happened?

Well, that is what the hero Allan Webbings, a typical American, tries do discover throughout the entire movie. He wants to know what happened? It was something that shocked the world as a whole. the perpetrators were not Hindus nor Muslims - It was the government. The very same Modi government. I ask them - What did the Muslims do so bad? Is this a revenge for all the Mughal atrocities or some revenge for the post-1947 riots? What the hell was it? Is this the modern age or what? If you are trying to defend it in the name of atrocities committed by the earlier Muslim rulers, then you are no better than the Jews who claim that Israel is their own and Palestinians are there are outsiders. I know that I am a Christian, but the Jews there are wrong - Leave the Palestinians alone.

Mr. Modi may deny it all and go about with all his speeches as usual, making Gujarat a rich state and blah blah blah. But I hope he remembers that all religions preach peace and tranquility. If you are responsible Mr. Modi, you will pay for it soon, you will. I promise that.

You may say why I am blaming Mr. Modi for that? Well, when India loses a match, we blame the captain. When the nation goes berserk, the PM is blamed for it. so why can't I blame the CM for the riots? Is he a God or is he invincible?The situation did not go out of hand - it was made to go out of hand. The slow action proves it. He deserves to be killed for this.

Well, I am lucky I am in India. If I was in China, Mr. Modi-like people would have tracked me and killed me perhaps. It's a free and more importantly a "secular" country. It's supposed to be country where all religions co-exist. How on earth can we kill each other? Are we that murderous at heart? Is our secularism just a sham?

I know there are forceful conversions going on in all parts on India - Muslims and Christians being converted to Christianity. But can't the reverse be also true? If fundamentalist Christians can force conversions, so can fundamentalist Hindus and Muslims. I tell you my friend (with whom I had a heated discussion just today), its not the Christians who do such forced conversions, its the devil inside them. And I will not regret their killing in any form - Butcher such b****rds. But please spare the innocent.

You say that the Hindus have been quiet for long and now they must rise and fight. Fight whom? Fellow Indians? The Goa Inquisition had the Europeans kill Indians - they even killed fellow Catholics! Did you read that part? Why did they do that? Because they are not Indians my friend, they are bloody Europeans and bloody b****rds. They were blind. Are you also willing to be blinded by faith and fight?

You and me (yes even me) are blinded by those bloody people (they are not worthy of being called humans at all) who have used religion as a tool to stir sentiments and garner the precious "votes". Godhra was a vote-bank for Modi in Gujarat - he was hailed and is still hailed as "The Chief" (Do you get any resemblance of Hitler in this?). Your state is already sold out - your government is controlled by the Bangladeshis and believe me, they will side anyone who will give them food and water. Christian missionaries may have entered your most precious temples there (I know you will not lie to me at all), but who let them there? Why are not they being stopped? Whose duty is it to stop them - mine or that of the government of the state?

You mentioned that we are all products of the environment that we grew up. I agree - we have always believed the news and the media and the speeches made by our "leaders" who promised us a better future always. I always believed that India was never vulnerable. But we are.

It's not for you to save your motherland or me saving mine - We have to save our motherland India. I don't mind calling India as Hindustan as it is the Land of the Hindus. The rest of us are indeed foreigners to your place. But you gave us shelter and now we are also Hindustanis. I am proud to be a Hindustani my friend. You know we, the so-called united Christians are divided into Protestants and Catholics at large. We have more divisions. and each division ha so many differrent customs, that apart from the Bible, usually nothing else is common. Come to think of it, we also have a flame in us that is similar to that of the flame between the fundamental Hindus and Muslims. But have you seen that flame erupt as a war of that magnitude - Never. That's because that period is over. The fights happened and all is calm now (atleast for now). The head of Christianity, the Pope, is followed by only Roman Catholics (roughly 50% of all US Christians).

If we Indians keep fighting amongst ourselves, we will end up surrendering the nation to the foreigners. That's what happened in the past when foreigners invaded India. We fell prey to them as we were not united. I hope we remain united and as one forever. I know that our argument ended on a good note, with you agreeing to stop as soon as I wanted to. But I know that the passion still burns in you. Protect your state with valour because you are protecting a part of Mother India, an integral part of Mother India. Let us fight the people who mislead us into all this and the evil forces and not just the forces themselves.

Our only hope for the future lies in the present. We need to continue the society that we have in the cities - a society where there is no religious discrimination of any sort. I'd rather kill my son than allow him to abuse someone just because of his/her caste or religion. that is my determination. I hope that is yours too. You told me that you would go after me also if I started preaching you about my religion. I would never do so, rather I would kill myself before doing any such thing against my good friend.

Coming back to the movie, I feel all the actors, especially the American and Sarika did a fantastic role. It was nice knowing the view of an American who had come to study Gandhi. I hope Allan has some change of heart after he made this movie and has returned home to the USA a much sensible man. As for the director Rahul Dholakia, please make more such movies. I would always love to know thw truth.



Gabriela said...

I am Mexican.
I am Catholic.

Thanks for post in my blogspot. Now I can see that you are a passionated person, and that's owesome! People this days feel emptyness, and they keep it! Stupid, what do you think?

I am from Zamora, Mexico, that's with my post is in Spanish, but I will post soon in english.

Gabriela said...

What's up?! This is me again. I already finished the book, and it was really interesting. I just loved it. In a lot of things it change my perspective... well not like that, it open my eyes to otrher opticions. Like I said in blog of Ms. Ries, I stared to develop another idea, just by thinkin' in divergence. And I also develop my -marketing 24/7- mind hahaha.

I personaly think that mkt chance things, probabilyfor the rest of the world marketing is selfish, lucrative and something just to take advantage of people, but marketing isn't like that. Marketing can chage people minds, not just to sell, but create a self contience, a new life style...

The book(2004), at this year, is kinda old, and it have really old info. For examplein that year microsoft had the 95% of the market: a feww months ago microsoft paid a looot of money for that reason. but still the main aidea is tha divergence, and divergence was the same at 5200BC like it will be at 20000 AC.

Another thing really interesting is the revolutionary iphone, a divergence product, that in just months csot 359 dollars (I just saw the ipod touchscreen version at costco store at 389 dls) what a joke! What do you thing about it?

By the way, did you read the book too? Do you like it? or what do you think?