Thursday, November 29, 2007

It's the only way Jeff, it's the only way...

Hi friends

When I see a movie, I generally read about it before I do see it, unless the story has a surprize ending or a twist or is a thriller. But "Hard Candy" is perhaps the first movie that I saw without having a clue of what was going to happen in the next scene. It is not just a thriller, but a psychotic thriller about the encounter of a 14-year old girl Hayley (Ellen Page) with a 32-year old photographer Jeff.

Want know what happens next? Just a small hint: The hunter now becomes the hunted; all hell breaks loose and the little Red Riding hood has trapped the wolf in his own game!! And Jeff is given just two options, one of which he will never accept. So there was just one option; the only way for Jeff.

The story deals with pedophiles and how internet chat rooms can be abused easily for their own gains. It raises the questions: Should children be banned from using Internet tools like Chatrooms or should anonymity be removed in them? How can the Paedophile menace be ended?

But more than all this, it shows how children have evolved over the years. Children know things; they are being bombarded with so much information that they do not know what is right and what is wrong. They are slowly losing their innocence thanks to the Internet age. But is it really that bad? Does this change, this information, change the way things are? Is it better to shield information from kids or give it to them? Is it good to become Hayley Stark and fight Jeff or become another Donna in the near future?

I want to say that Hayley took extreme steps to solve the problem. But as we go, we have to accept the lesser of the two evils. And in that context, Hayley did what she felt was best for the society. I agree with her.

Ellen Page has given a great performance, the 2nd best female performance in 2006 (behind Helen Mirren for "The Queen"). I hope she has a long and prosperous career in Hollywood, with more such meaningful performances.



aaaalu said...

Hi Varun...I too have seen this movie and I feel very close to what you have felt about it...If possible, I very strongly recommend you to see "Chasing Amy" and "Being John Malkovich"....I swear that there is a lot to gain and nothing to lose by watching these two...Hope that you can squeeze in some time to watch these.

Varun Reddy Sevva said...

Hi sir,

surely I will... It's not there yet on my hostel LAN, but will see it surely when I go home...