Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Nothing is what it seems.. How true!!!

Hi friends,

When Al Pacino says something, he means it. I have seen many movies of Al Pacino – The Godfather Trilogy, Scent of a Woman, Devil’s Advocate, Donnie Brasco, The Insider and Ocean’s 13. But it took me this one, “The Recruit” to actually become a fan of Pacino. I am now confirming that I am a Pacino fan for life.

What’s so special about him? Many of my friends like the way he delivers his lines, especially the abuses. It’s true that when he abuses, the words seem like golden words flowing from his mouth (and I am not exaggerating this). Some say it’s his acting, some say it’s his voice and a few cynics say he’s plain lucky to get the roles that suit him. Well, my observation is that he makes any role he plays suitable for him. You can do nothing but appreciate his character in the movie. His work is almost flawless. When he acts, he doesn’t – he becomes the character. Ujjal and I felt that emotion when he cries over his daughter’s body in “The Godfather III”. We were exalted and thrilled with his speech in “Scent of a Woman”. I mean, he was a blind man in that movie; Seriously, how better can a blind man get? Well, Pacino gives each role he plays a new dimension, a new role in the role. God made man, and he made Alfredo James Pacino. If God himself carved the bodies of Catherine Zeta Jones and Monica Bellucci, he surely breathed acting into Al Pacino – I am seriously in awe of this fine person!

Coming back to the main story, “The Recruit” revolves around three people – James Clayton (played by Colin Farrell) who is a CIA trainee, Walter Burke (Al Pacino) is the person who recruits him and Layla Moore (Bridget Moynahan), the mission for James. It is when the mission remains no longer a mission but a life-and-death scenario when the movie reaches its climax. As it is a thriller to the core, I will not reveal any more. But remember the golden rule - Nothing is what it seems! (Sounds a bit like "The Matrix" right?)

Colin Farrell is the kind of actor who needs his space in a movie. Even though his role may be small, he still stands out. He has one of the best facial expressions I have seen in Hollywood so far. I remember his acting in “Phone Booth” – It was like watching a news report rather than a movie! Colin makes acting real and in this way, he is similar to Al Pacino. Bridget Moynahan has one great scene (don’t get any wrong ideas fellas) wherein she is being tested on a lie detector. You should have seen her eyes in that scene, it was absolutely natural! She has a good role in the movie; after all, she is the mission.

The last line of the movie was the one that almost sums up the movie (apart from the title of this article). It goes as such: “You were born to do this, James. It’s in your blood”. James knows what he has to do. He has the talent – In his place, I could never have discovered the ultimate truth. He plays the game of his conspirators against them and ends up being the hero in the process. The movie is a thriller to the core. Watch this one folks, for this one ranks in my top 10 list for sure. It may even pose a serious challenge to “Thank you for Smoking” for the No. 1 slot. But hey, first come, first serve!

For more on the great Al Pacino, here is the link to see Al Pacino on Wikipedia. More on his other movies when time permits.


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