Sunday, December 30, 2007

What makes you different? (Part 2)

(continued from previous post)

So what exactly made me different? I was also a quiz enthusiast - one among the many! So what exactly put me apart? I got through CAT and managed a seat in IIM Lucknow. I was still one of the any countless MBA fellas in India. Then what set me apart? Was it my background?Was it my education? Was it being a IIM graduate (hopefully by March 2009)? Was it being a quizzer? I still did not know.

I was sitting with a few friends before an exam and discussing about some relevant stuff when we took a break for 10 minutes. And in my usual mood, I asked them what I perceived was a tough quiz question. They tried but could not answer it. I asked them "There was one person in the list of TIME 100 people of the century whose exact identity is still unknown. What is he famous for?". The answer was "He is called 'The Unknown Rebel'. He was the person who is seen in those photos of Tienanmen Square, the person standing in front of that tanks. The incident was the protest at Tienanmen Square in China in 1989."

To my astonishment, not even one of my 5 friends had ever heard about this incident. I was literally surprised at this. this was one of the greatest images ever in World History and the incident was very very famous, as famous as the 9/11 attacks. Did they really not know about this or were they kidding me? Certainly not kidding me as they were really fine fellas.

Then it hit me - That' what made me different. My quizzing ability combined with my untiring search for knowledge was the one that made me different. I was always knowledge-hungry and wanted to know more and more. It is not easy becoming a good quizzer in a few years time and I managed that. I managed to find out my very own USP - the differentiating factor.

And to who do I owe that to? None, because there are so many of them that I cannot point to anyone for that. Thanks to all.


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