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The Tiananmen Square Protests of 1989...

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Call him the "The Tankman" or "The Unknown Rebel", it is still unclear who this person was, the person that showed the world what was the true meaning of bravery and courage. A true one-man army, who dared to show the world that a person is not just safe in a group, but courage can keep anyone safe. He was not alone - There were thousands of protestors along with him. But he dared to be different, one who could face the tanks, which were the symbols of the might of the Chinese Government.
Tiananmen Square Protests video of the Tankman
(with John Lennon's "Imagine" in the background)

This video captures those two minutes of fame, which was shown to the entire world. The world saw tanks being used by a government against its own citizens. Was it possible? Is it really true? Can a government really do such a thing? Never did anyone hear of a country using its army to crush its own people. The world was indeed shocked.

But can such a thing happen again? China seems fine - its economy is booming, it is capturing the world market. What else can be lacking there? Sure, there are a few underpaid workers, but that happens everywhere, right? What is the big issue then?

Well, it is still not a DEMOCRACY – another really misused word in this modern era. I guess the Greeks weren’t thinking about the modern USA when they thought about Democracy. The modern USA is still not a democracy; it’s more of a polarized country. Almost the entire nation is divided equally between the Republicans and the Democrats. I consider India to be a better democracy – All our people, of all castes and religions are well represented in the Parliament. Will all its fallacies, we are still the largest democracy in the world. We still rock!!! But what is the big deal about democracy? China is doing well without it. Isn’t it?

Look at it folks – China sucks… The people there are at the mercy of the government. They have to follow all the rules that they are not authorize to make at their will. The people do not have the power of freedom – The internet is suppressed, Google makes a new filtered version just to suit the needs of the Chinese government. The modern Chinese is being devoid of all the actual history of the country. Just try this out: Go to the website: Google China link. Type “Tiananmen” in the search box and see the web-listings. You will not see any mention of the 1989 protests in the top 20 searches at all (I do not have the patience to look further). Do the same for image search. You will not find a single image of “The TankMan” and the tanks. Isn’t that strange?

This is the state of modern China. But do you think that the modern Chinese can be “conditioned” to a guilt-free and innocent past. They are not Pavlov’s Dogs – They are humans. We reason, we think and we judge. The people are slowly judging all the policies of the government. one day they will rise again in a rebellion. And this time, it won’t be just another Tiananmen – The whole of China will erupt. And this will be the last day of Chinese Domination of the world economy.

When will this day come? When will the bubble burst? Your guess is as good as mine, but I hope it’s not too far… My prediction is that it will happen in the next 6 years. Let us wait and watch.


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