Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hope for the Republicans; Hopeless for the Democrats


God bless America! After what I have seen happen, it looks like the Democratic party has dropped the hammer on its own foot here. Thousands of Democratic voters were unhappy that the Democratic Party decided to strip Michigan of its Democratic delegates after the state's primary was scheduled earlier than the usual date. What the heck? How does the date matter anyway? It forced even the Democrats to vote Republican!!! This is an insult to Democracy.

Confused? Well, you are the average American voter then!! I will never get a hang of what goes on in this country. Each election throws up many surprises, but this is crazy!! This move has really left me confused. The voter turn-out was quite low as many expected to vote for their favorite leader Mr. Barack Obama (who, as the reports go, is favoured by many of the younger voters), who didn’t even feature in the list!!! This is insane!!!

Well, I have lost a bit of the Democratic support inside me, But the election is throwing a few surprises from the Republican side. Each of the three primaries/caucuses went to different nominees. Well, whatever the press says, I still consider the Wyoming vote to hold some significance. In that case, Mitt Romney has emerged as the leader so far. Michigan selected Mitt Romney, followed closely by Mr. John Mc Cain in 2nd place. But my cause for happiness – Mike Huckabee came a distant 3rd. I don’t support him at all and wish that America also votes likewise.

"Tonight marks the beginning of a comeback, a comeback for America," said Mitt Romney. Well, I am not so sure about that. This was his home state and he has a great presence among the people here. But the point made by him was that the problems affecting Michigan were prevalent all over America. Let’s see how far he lives upto that statement. Mr. McCain is really showing some serious promise and I hope America makes a wise decision here.

See this bit I took from an article:
“Huckabee scores well with evangelical Christians, which could help him in South Carolina. But Romney and others have attacked his record while serving as governor of Arkansas. They accuse him of raising taxes, giving educational advantages to the children of illegal aliens and pardoning a large number of prisoners who had been convicted of serious crimes.”

See this link for more on this...

Well, that seals the issue for me. He looks like another Bush in the making and hence I strongly hope that he does not win the nomination.

Next stop: January 19th. Don’t crib about me not living upto my pledge. Afterall, rules and pledges are meant to be broken…..


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