Friday, January 18, 2008

Who is the winner? (Part 1)


This post is nothing related to me, rather to the American public. This is one thing that has been hitting everyone’s minds – Who will become the nominees for the President of America? Will Obama emerge as the leader of the minorities or will Hillary woo the voters towards the Clinton legacy? Will McCain be the one that the country is looking towards to for hope and peace? Or is Mitt Romney the unlikely hero?

Questions and only questions is what we can ask. We don’t know who will become the winner. Looking at the state of affairs, even the experts are confused. All they can form is theories and theories. I will briefly delve into some of them; the ones that predict different victories.

The Hillary supporters feel that her charisma and style and the legacy of Clinton makes her a potent candidate for the top post. With the recent rise of women across the globe as leaders of nations (Angela Merkel being the highest seen so far), it can be no surprise if the Americans will look towards the opposite sex for salvation. But there is a glitch here, one that stems from the Democrats themselves. One report said rightly that the Democrats are almost sure that Hillary will be their nominee, but are unsure if she can win it for them. They fear that the American public isn’t ready for a Woman ruler yet. Also her initial support of the Iraq war and the later rebuttal may not work out in favour of her. But she still remains their best bet yet.

The Obama camp feels otherwise. They feel that a young, energetic person is more likely to become the President. His race certainly tilts the minority votes towards his side and is a favourite among the youth. But he lacks experience and most importantly, he lacks the voter strength. We saw how, inspite of having a better support than Hillary in Michigan, he still lost. He needs his supporters to convert their support into votes. That’s the key concern for him. He also needs to make sure that his stand on the war is well noticed by the public.

What does the Republican Camp say? Well, keep reading…


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