Friday, January 18, 2008

Why do people like Bush get elected?


Well, I always wondered "How the hell did an idiot like Bush get elected and a futurist like Al Gore get rejected?". After seeing this video, I got my answer. Please see the video and then read further...

The root cause lies in the ignorance of the American public. I think you can relate it to Indian politics in a way. Here, politicians make use of trivial issues like caste and religion to make sure they win elections and garner public support. It’s rare that anyone wins based solely on a developmental plan for his/her constituency. The same is the case with the USA. Presidents win based on mass-speeches that stir up the crowds. They talk about improving the education and yet do nothing about it, ensuring that people like them manage to stay at the top. They talk about Iraq and Iran, when the public cares nothing about it at all, apart from the fact that their children fight in those wars. They talk about peace and yet make war. One president starts a war and the other ends it!

I had seen the campaign speeches of both Al Gore and Bush. I knew that Al Gore will lose because his stand on homosexuality was not in confirmation with that of the Evangelists and those who preach the faith of God. Well all you God seekers, who is going to atone for the countless people that have died in the war? Your God (I am also a Christian) preaches peace and harmony. You talk about Jihad and WMDs and yet make war. You are not bringing peace to the society – you are only trying to give yourselves peace by destroying all those around you. I am afraid that you do not deserve to be called Christians anymore.

American public feeds on fear that keeps them united and obedient to their “leaders”. We have countless movies (“V” for Vendetta for one” that deal with this phenomenon. Fahrenheit 9/11 has explored this deeply. The series “Heroes” has a few episodes that deal with this so well, it was almost like looking at the present situation of America. Rudy Giuliani is banking on what he did post 9/11 in New York – Bullshit. He made a mess of it all and there are thousands of people to testify that at the Big Apple itself.

A citizen who is not aware of his own country itself cannot be asked to think about the Middle East and other world issues. America is not the richest country in the world – Its corporations are. There was an article in the Hindu where an Indian in the US was surprised that the taxi driver knew where Bangalore was and what significance it held (that is great!). The best part was that the incident happened in 1992 and not 2002 (It’s a miracle!), when Bangalore was famous all over the world. This taxi driver deserves something better in his life. He must, perhaps, become a president someday!!!

Asia is the next hub and I feel India will become the next big thing (provided we have a stable government). Ever wondered why the world is bent on “making deals”, “forging alliances” and “setting up their bases” in India. It’s because they also know that sooner or later, we are going to topple America and China. I am not saying that India is a better country. We cannot compare USA and India as both have their virtues and vices, but Indians are far better than the Americans.

I am not a Democrat or a Republican. I prefer being a realist… One who sees things from a 3rd party perspective. I hope that I am not too strong in saying this, but the death of “The American Dream” is imminent. With immigration being one of the top-priorities of many of the candidates, we can expect to see tighter rules and regulations in the future. We will soon see a “America” which is “pure”, with only the real Americans. And on that day, America will fall.

Waiting for that day…


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