Thursday, January 24, 2008



A deliberate attempt to mark what was an exciting week in the USA. A primary and a caucus saw the Presidential race get tighter in both the camps.

Nevada Caucus had the last laugh when Hillary Clinton repeated her triumph with a close-shave victory here. But there are allegations of some problem in the voting that threaten to take the sheen out of her victory. This one puts her ahead of Obama as the top-candidate from the Democrats side.

Mitt Romney won in Nevada in a clear election. He re-affirmed his status as the top-notch candidate for President once again. This win will certainly boost his morale after his defeat to McCain in South Carolina. Yes!! McCain won in South Carolina by defeating Mick Huckabee (idiot) and Mitt Romney (strong candidate). This was a significant victory as all Republican nominees after 1980 have won from here. Will history repeat himself? Let us wait and see…

Where does this leave the predictions? Well, far open. But not as wide as it was before. Ron Paul is not living upto the promise that I saw in his speeches. He is a great person and will make an excellent leader. But this may not be his election after-all. From the democrats, it is clear that Obama and Clinton are the only contenders. The Republican-race is three-legged with Romney, McCain and Huckabee (Why do idiots always have to enter the fray?) in close formation.

Let us wait for more… As Mitt Romney said “If you want the nomination and you want to win the presidency, you gotta get Florida". Hmmm, we have had enough of Mr. Bush with his fraudulous win in Florida. Hope history does not repeat there...


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