Saturday, January 26, 2008

We are a Republic...


So another Republic day has gone by.... We must have done it the way we always celebrate it - Wake up a bit late, make breakfast and then perhaps see the parade on DD-1 (Remember that channel we used to watch as a kid?). We may also call our friends and make some plans for the holiday (It being a Saturday too, right?).

We at IIM-L are no different. We wake up late, have breakfast and then go back to sleep. We manage to finish some project work and then chat with all our friends. Then we go to sleep, just like on any other holiday.

Has the meaning of a Republic been lost in this madness? Do we fail to realize that we think too much about ourselves and our lives and cannot give even 2 days for our country? Respect for the symbol of our nation (The National Flag). Is thatw hat our schools and colleges teach us - to think for your own and not for the country as such?

I remember when I was in B.Tech in NIT Kurukshtra. Me, Rajesh and Anuj used to make sure that we attend the flag-hoisting ceremony and stay-on till the end of the entire programme. I used to notice that we had more students attending the function then. What has happened to our countrymen? (gender discrimination unwarranted here) Is is that we are so busy or that we do not want to?

We all have a false impression of Nationalism. For us, being Indian means supporting India in Cricket, boong the Pakistani team and making sure we turn up and every Indian game. For us, being Indian means cheering for Sania for every point of hers or ensuring Vishwanathan Anand gets his due. It means wearing the tricolour-wristband and flaunting it among the public.

Nationalism is what the word tries to say itself - Love your nation, Respect your nation. Your parents love you. But why is it necessary to keep saying "I love you beta"? Because t reinforces the fact that they love us. If you do love your nation, then show it. show it by respecting the national flag. Show it by giving one day toyour nation. Show it by making things happen. Indian Cricket team needs your support, so does your country. Make it happen.

Want to see the best example of unity that I have seen in my life? See this video. I know it is a Telugu movie clip, but actions speak louder than words. See it even if you don't have speakers.

Seen it? Well, this clip shows us the way. We are a Republic. In order to remain a Republic, we need to be united. this is the best example of unity/brotherhood that I can get. Let us not run a rat-race. Let us make sure that we all cross the finish line. Let us see India become a super-power.

BTW, this clip is from a Telugu movie called "Stalin". I really need to see this movie someday. More on another clip of the same movie in anoher post.



Raj said...

this is really the best example of unity. i really liked this video..
our priorities have shifted form the national achievement to individual achievement... so even on the auspicious day of our national importance we are occupied our personal work..

g8 dude keep the fire burning..

IIM ka Sarkari Babu said...

The patriotic fire is still burning man - it won't die that soon :)