Thursday, February 07, 2008

Chaos for the Democrats; Worries for the Republicans...


I am sure anyone who is following the primaries for the US Presidential elections closely must be wondering - Ok, you are right about the Democrat camp. They (Obama and Hillary) are in such a close fight that it is too hard to predict anything at the moment. But the Repubicans are worried? How come? Well, I will soon come to that point.

First let me tell you that I am excited about the latest developments in the Obama Camp. He has picked up the momentum suddenly and is at present leading Hillary in terms of the delegates collected 1096-977. Let me remind you that the super-delegates are not fixed to any specific candidate and that they can decide even in the last minute whom to vote for. Presentl, the Superdelegates are 234-157 in the favour of Hillary. But they are many undecided ones and this will hold the key for them, especially for Hillary who holds a lot of clout in the party.

But worried Republicans? Well, they are still worried about the conservative vote. Huckabee refuses to step down and admit what is a virtual defeat. McCain already has garnered 67% of the delegate share needed for the nomination and is close to sweeping the nation. But let us see where it goes. Afterall, even the conservatives will be forced to vote for McCain in the final elections. He is better than any of the Democrats for sure (in their perspective).

But this is the fact friends - Obama has given Hillary many sleepless nights and will perhaps steal even her morning sleep if she doesn't do something extraordinary. Let's hope for the best.

My vote: I am not a Republican, but Mr. McCain does get my vote. He is a leader and you need a leader and not a politician to lead the US.

Post dedicated to "American Idiot" (Greenday)


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