Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Second Perspective...

Hi friends

No, this is not the name of a new Hollywood movie that I am going to review. It is what it says it is - a second perspective. What is the second perspective and what does it hold for us?

In a conversation with a friend today, I was reminded that we are perhaps very critical of the "Bush"ean policies because we were in our peak years of our thought during the last 5-6 years. These were the years when the "war on terror" started to show itself as a "war of terror". The economy of the US slumped and there was a worldwide apprehsenion about Bush. Any association with his name meant disaster for anyone in the US. People started call him a miserable failure and his conduct in the public eye added to that point really well indeed.

My friend doesn't call himself a Bush-basher, just an anti-Bush guy like many of us. But he tells me that our observation period makes us ever more critical of his policies. We are perhaps biased and do not have (or rather choose not to have) a different perspective to the entire situation. He is true to a certain extent.

He also backs Hillary and says that she will win because of her clout and her disposition. I can't really agree with him on that count. I feel that Obama still has a solid chace. But one thing is for sure - She won't give up so easily and will claw her way back. A win or two and she will be back in the race. I formly believe that Hillary was a bit overconfident in her campaign. She's a woman, that means 45% of the vote is on her side. She is also a white Democrat - A powerful one.

Barack has done something good for the Democrats - He brought the youngsters to the support of the Democratic party. these are from the disillusioned Bush generation. These people want a change and with his message of change, he struck their hearts.

Let's see how it turns out. November is the month!!!

This post is dedicated to Bharath Jhurani - The brand-guru-quizzer of IIM Lucknow!!


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