Saturday, February 02, 2008

A mistake never to repent for...

Hi friends

Have you ever felt that you committed such a mistake, which cannot be atoned for ever? Have you ever done that "irrepairable damage" to anyone that you feel that you can never make up to that person?

I did and it was in the recent Student Council elections. I voted (for a post I wont mention) for a certain fella who I felt was fit enough for the post. I didn't even bother to learn about the other candidate. Even though I met him just once, I felt "I feel that my choice is good enough for the post." I voted and my candidate won.

But today I met the one whom I didn't vote for. I didn't tell him that I did not vote for him. But I had a long chat with him, about who he was, what were his views about IIM-L etc. I realized that this guy was really nice. He would have certainly made a difference to the college. His election would have been well received by many. He lost narrowly, but he was graceful in his loss. He was a passionate and thoughtful person. I learnt a lot through him in just an hour of talk.

He lost narrowly, but that doesn't mean that my vote would have been crucial or something like that. He would have lost still. But I feel guilty inside. I rarely make mistakes like this and I was indeed angry that I made such a mistake.

As a kid, I used to see my parents vote for both the national and assembly elections. They followed the Congress blindly. I always used to counter them saying that when I vote, I would vote for the most suited candidate. I would ensure that my choice would be the best choice. I really value my country's democratic system and am a proud Indian.

But this mistake is indeed a grave one. I may have voted for the winner, but the loser was the true winner. Anyone who can accpt defeat gracefully is a true winner. John Kerry was one, Al Gore was another. So was this fine fella who deserved my vote, but didn't get it.

This post is dedicated to Gary Oldman and his excellent style of acting.


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