Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Good news, bad news, good news, bad news...

Hi friends

A really bad news - John Edwards has dropped out of the race from the Democrats side. The big question looms: Whom will his supporters now vote for? Hillary made sure of another big win i Florida, though the state's delegates will not have a say fnally. But the momentun she has gained in a ethnically-sound state will surely help her in the Super-Tuesday.

From the Republicans, McCain had another fine victory in Florida. As he said, it was not a landslide one, but was a sweet one. I am happy for him. He may be old, but he is a leader. He acts like one and behaves exactly like one. I hope he gets the nomination.

Mitt Romey is surely close behind him, but I don't see his chances to be that good. He must work really hard to defeat McCain on Super-Tuesday. I hope the race runs close. T he closer, the better.

Mike Huckabee is out!!! He came fourth in the state and is surely going to quit. This is a great nes. We won't see the Bush-clone on the seat atleast.

Ruy Giuliani is also out!!! His poor third-place showing means that he is now going to get out and support McCain's nomination. Good for him though d good for America.

Next stop: Super Tuesday. May the best and most convincing idiot win!!

Dedicated to Prakash mama...


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