Saturday, March 08, 2008

Found a missing post; But missing a dear relative...


I never thought that I would miss a post in my blog! But I did! I just tumbled upon something that I had written when the Super-Tuedsay just ended and Mitt Romney had resigned. But I never posted it. Why I am posting is the fact that what I predicted was almost true in this post. Here it goes!

We have seen the recent developments in the US election primaries. Lets us see the results.

Why is the Republican camp worried anyways? Their candidate is almost certainand unlike the Democrats, the fight will be much easier for them. But the trouble lies in the principles and background of McCain’s policies. McCain is a non-conservative at heart. To what I mean, compare him to Bush – He is a conservative. And as the recent endorsement goes, he wants a conservative to remain in that post (amidst chants of idiots shouting for another term of his; those fellas are indeed pathetic losers). But are the Republicans worried that McCain may not do that at all? Well, we can see that McCain is trying to show that he is a conservative using examples of many of the policies he ratified. He wants to remain a conservative because he senses the problem – The conservative vote. A large number of conservatives came and voted for Huckabee and Mitt Romney in the Southern Belt. As Mitt Romney is no more in the fray (Good news just keeps on coming!!) and Mike Huckabee having a remote chance of winning a nomination, it is upto McCain to seal the deal.

I feel he can safely turn into what I'd like to call a “Hybrid Republican”. His libertarian vote bank is also pretty much fixed and he has the charisma that neither Hillary nor Obama has. I have seen his speech on CNN and I am pretty sure that Republicans of all denominations will turn out in huge huge numbers to vote for him in the final elections.

But what about the Democrats? The country, as it was demonstrated, was clearly sweeping with the message of “Change” propounded by Obama. He is, in real words, scared the shit out of Hillary, who finally admitted that they are in a close and long battle for the nomination. She was leading him by double percentage points at the national level and presently, Hillary is still showing a lead thanks to the Super-Delegates who are coming out in support of her.

What does this close battle mean? According to me, this battle will go down to the wire, where the super-delegates will have a final say. Obama needs a lead of atleast 400 delegates if he wants to stand a chance for nomination. But I am afraid this battle will surely drain a lot of the Democrat resources, which could have been used to “sell” a single candidate only. The workers may become tired and lose motivation. this is certainly not a great news for a party which was supposed to win comfortably.

Lets see what happens.

Well, the battle is still on and Obama has surged ahead as of now right? And McCain was almost the nominee as I said. I hope McCain runs a good campaign now and seal a fine victory. Hoping for the best now!
This lost post is dedicated to Papaji (Mr. Senior Jogi Ji). I really miss him today now that he is no more in our midst. He liked me a lot and same was the case from my side. Jogi uncle's family is perhaps the most closely knit family I have ever seen in my life. I pray that it stays that way forever.
May his soul be happy and cheerful; Wherever it is...

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