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The Momemtum is broken...

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Been a long time since I posted something useful (or useless, whichever way you look at it). I am really tired of blogging and have settled to reading some blogs. I have basically grown obese with no mood of doing anything at all. Call it the "Lazy Boy" syndrome or whatever, it just makes me feel awfully bored all the time. But I still follow the US Primaries, something that keeps me awake all night, listening to CNN Live on the internet.

Great News: John McCain is finally the Republican nominee!! After crossing the mathematical mark of 1191, he was clearly the winner. Huckabee bowed out pretty well I admit. Now the real test begins for the Republican camp as they project McCain as the likely President of the United States. It's gonna be tough, but it is gonna be good. Atleast they have candidate and not two.

From the Democrats: Well, they have two record nominees - a woman and a black. And both of them are fighting it out pretty well. Hillary had the early advantage, but the Super-Tuesdat really gave Obama a pretty lead over her. But the minor Super Tuesday (4th March) produced an unlikely result - 2 states for Clinton, one for Obama and the cornerstone state "TEXAS" went to both!!! "How can that be possible?" you may ask. Well, that's what makes US politics the dumbest, and yet the most interesting race.

Texas holds both Caucuses and Primries, with the delegates divided in the ratio of 1:2 between them. Hillary won the Primaries and Obama had a good lead in the Caucus polling upto 45% of the votes counted (as I write). Since Obama has always been a Caucus front-runner, it is likely that he will take the caucuses. So Texas has two winners - What a country yaar!!!

The next stop will be at Wyoming Caucus on March 11th. But the next biggest one is on 22nd April, when the Pennsylvania Primaries will take place. 187 delegates are at stake there. There are many small primaries in between, but they are not that significant as the big states.

I am a McCain supporter because of his stance on the war in Iraq. This is an important issue and with the recent developments in Iraq, this will take up a good chunk of the campaign. Democrats rode of the anti-war sentiment pretty well, but all is not fair in love and war, right? Well, the war may provide certain twists. I always said McCain has a chance. Well, CNN backs up my hunch too. Read it here.

CNN: Iraq Debate Cuts Both Ways [click on link to read]

This one paragraph in the article made me smile a lot.

"McCain has enough facts on his side to at least make a reasonable argument that both his criticism of the war's prosecution in the past, and his support for how it is being handled now, have produced positive results. And don't forget: Americans do not like losing wars. Even people who oppose this war now, could well change their minds if they become convinced that staying the course can produce something that at least passes for victory.Americans have decided about the war in Iraq. But that war is not yet over, and it follows that their opinions could change. The election is in eight months away. And eight months is a long time"

Yep, 8 months is a long time. I just hope that something happens quickly.

Here are some articles on Clinton and Obama after the 4th March turnaround. They are all taken from TIME.

Pro-Obama: Clinton wins big, but Math is Troubling
Pro-Clinton: How will Obama fight back?
About the April 22nd Primary: The Primary to end all Primaries?

Here is a nice link one can go through. It's of a blog written by Senator McCain's daughter - Meghan McCain. Well, she writes pretty well and considering the fact that her dad is now in such a high position, she doesn't discuss politics at all. She brings more youthful energy and liveliness into her dad's campaign. I kinda agree that she is a nice girl (atleast that looks to be the case). So that's another point for making her dad the President (ha ha ha... Just joking fellas!). The link os here: McCain Blogette

Some behind-the-scenes pages for you to go through:
Clinton Behind-the-scenes
Obama Behind-the-Scenes

Well, happy reading.My next post will be about my experiance in a wedding at Tikamgarh. So long!

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