Sunday, April 06, 2008

Frankfurt International Airport...


This is not about any encounter I had in Frankfurt. I had 5 hours time, but the only thing I did here was sit and read a book – I know I am a big bore, but I love to sit and observe people as they pass in front of me! It’s kinda neat.

I am sorry I did not take any pictures here, except one-two pictures of the airport premises. Sorry about that. There were so many pictures that I could have taken, but I did not want to look like an eager-beaver here. But I noticed some really nice things here in my few hours of stay.

First, I saw many Amish! Well, it’s not a creature from outer space. The Amish are a community of people in the USA who do not believe in much use of modern gadgetry. They prefer faming the old way, have plenty of kids and dress up like the old days with big beards and huge black hats. They are very cautious and use new technology only after several trials that it would not change their style of living at all. They were all going to the JFK airport. I wonder why…

Now to the second attraction – the women! I saw plenty of women walk by me. They were in all shapes and sizes (Not in an offensive way). Some of them were pretty young (in their teens), but many of them were in the 20-40 bracket. I managed to note a few points about them and their behaviour (Sample size: 500+ women)

1. Almost all of the women were lone travelers. Apart from the Amish women (who came with their entire family), the remaining were either lone-movers or moved in groups of 3-4 people, mostly friends. I managed to spot a few couples too, but they were only a handful of them (10-12 couples at max)

2. More than 70% of them were white. By white I mean really white – the ones that look like they have sprayed their faces with white paint. The rest were either moderate-brown or black

3. Close to 50 % of them were below 5’6”. This was a shocker, as I expected all the women to be really tall. But I was surprised that many were not that tall. This gave me some hope (he he he) of a chance sometime in the near future

4. A good number of them were the aircraft crew members. They were not that great looking (trust me, Kingfisher was way ahead of this bunch). They appeared very friendly and calm. But all of them were really dignified and graceful. This is a characteristic that some of the Indian Airhostesses have yet to muster – Fake smiles are not the only things that attract customers

5. Their shoes were easy to observe as they made the maximum noise on the tiled floor. Close to 60% of them wore white/black sneakers. 20% of them wore heels and the rest wore colored shoes/sneakers/heels

6. 40-45% of the people that passed in front of me were women!!

7. A sizeable number of them had kids and almost all of them used strollers to move them around the airport.

8. I didn’t count the number of blondes and brunettes, but I am pretty sure that the blondes dominated the number.

Well, there goes the info in case someone needs it… See ya later!

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aaaalu said...

Hahahaha...Nice one Varun. I particularly like the quantifying part of your observation...