Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Varun-bhai goes to America - for the 3rd time!!!

Hi friends

Well here I am!! In the USA after a long gap of 10 years!! The last time I was here, I was just a kid (1998). Well, it feels good to be back here, in my Uncle's home yet again!!

So far the trip has been nice. I have been to work for 7 working days now and I feel really comfortable with the work-culture there. For those who are still puzzled, I am doing my internship here in a company called NormaTec. You can visit the website to see more. This is a really nice company. These people are there for a reason and they love it. The whole company is like one big happy family.

I am working under Mr. Christopher Merlan, the executive Vice President of NormaTec. This person is a great guy. He does not restrict me in any way. I can come and go whenever I want to. I also get good work and exposure as my office is inside his room. I have my own desk and my own laptop. He is no ordinary man. He is the present Publication Director at MIT OpenCourseWare. In the past, he has been the Practice Manager for Grants Management at Harvard University, Manager of Information Systems at Harvard University and the Sr. Technical Specialist and Asset Manager at Deloitte & Touche LLP. You can view his LinkedIn profile here .

Well, he is a nice boss and I have made a few friends in the company, one of whom happens to be Mr. Avrom Jacobs, the Vice President of NormaTec. He once showed me the pictures of him and his wife at the Taj Mahal. Never have I met a man who was so mystified on seeing the Taj Mahal. All that he could keep telling me was that "it was so... it was so beautiful and enchanting".

Another fella is Jacob Gotberg, the IT Business Analyst at NormaTec. He is another cool fella with great credentials. He helped me think over a problem just yesterday and I just hope that he keeps helping me like that. You can see him at LinkedIn here .

His partner-in-crime is Ted Doherty. I dunno why, but I feel as if he is always picking on me (in jest of course!!!). He is a real smarty-pants if you ask me. One of a kind!!! He can be found here .

Two more employees I have a talk with or atleast exchange pleasantries are Laureen Rowe (The accountant) and Kimberlee Green. Kimberlee is always smiling and has the face of a star. She looks just like Ali Larter, that dual-personality woman in the Tv series "Heroes". She is perhaps one of the most recognizable faces in our company I must say.

Well, working under Chris has been fine so far. I realized how much the MS Excel is used in financial data and stuff. I really recommend all of you to read and understand Excel and be comfortable working on it. It's a great software for sure!!! The best fact - It's free!!!

It's been just a week into the company and already I have a meeting about a spreadsheet I created! Tomorrow is the meeting with me, Chris, Ted and Jake (short for Jacob) in it. I just hope all goes well.

Initially I was jealous that all my friends who got foreign internships got into the biggies like P&G, McKinsey, BCG, BNP Paribas etc. But I am happy as the people here have accepted me into their company easily. This company has a very unique business model and I am glad to have joined it. I met a lot of interesting people and hope to develop lasting friendships with them, both professionally and personally.

From my side, I am on a great diet (great means nice and healthy and strict). I am having salads daily and also plenty of water. I exercise 1 hour a day and am planning to add 15 minutes more to that. Just hoping for a better future that's all. Hope I reduce 10 kg before I come back to India.

I found out that many of my friends are reading my blogs (atleast when they feel bored, that's good enough for me). Thank you all for that. Your visits to my blog help me to keep on writing...


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