Tuesday, June 24, 2008

"Ford"izm alive in Zimbabwe...


The famous Henry ford once said, "You can paint it any color, so long as it's black" about the Model-T car. Now it looks like even Mugabe is echoing the same words as such - "You can have any person become the President of Zimbabwe as long as it is me, Robert Mugabe".

Pardon me for using these lax words, but presently the only thing in this world that is as interesting as the US Presidential elections is the Zimbabwean Presidential Elections. So much drama, so much action, so much violence, so much blood and gore....

I am perhaps one of the last person on earth who can comment fairly on the scenario there, but as the media reports go, it's not a good sight at all. Robert Mugabe has made sure the opposition is ttured, raped and forced into submission. He even sent the opposition leader into hiding, seeking International intervention. If any man is so desperate to actually hold onto power, he must surely be a) mad or b) a big criminal or c) shit scared.

The last option is best suited for Mugabe (personal analysis). He is scared of the world and his own people. He knows the only way he can actually escape punishment is to remain in power and perhaps die while in power too (which looks distant, considering at at 84 he is as active as a bee). But then, the world community and the people of Zimbawe will not spare the rest of his regime too. What wil happen to them once he loses power (if he does)? They were the ones who forced him to stay in power and run another term. What will be future of ZANU-PF look like one he leaves? Who will replace him?

In my view, the end for Mugabe is near. He will have to relinquish power sooner or later. The opposition, the MDC (Movement for Democratic Change) already has control over the parliament and Morgan Tsvangirai will also make sure that Mugabe is blasted out of power soon. He is smar and knows when to play his cards. All the while he was quiet and by withdrawing his name, he made sure the world knows that to remove Mugabe, he needs to win at any cost. This was not well received by the anti-Mugabe faction and they actually condemned Mugabe further. The UN also suddenly developed a seriousness about this crisis and the Security Council also took some resolution recently. The US is condemning the Mugabe rule vocally and now the entire world is looking at Zimbabwe more than the US!

This move was also irrational in one way - The local supporters of Morgan were aghast at his withdrawl and said that this was not what they expected from their leader. Well, if it finally helps him into power, I am sure they will take back their words.

Hoping for a real change in what was one a prosperous country...

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