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Just thought I would share it with all of you folks. I am not particularly interested in Finance, but I am really interested in parodies and related stuff. This song, that you can see below, is a parody of the song "Every Breath You Take" which was originally performed by the band "The Police". This parody, created by Columbia Business School students, shows their Dean Glenn Hubbard (parodied) singing about wanting Alan Greenspan's job that went instead to the Ben Bernanke.

In this hysterical parody, Dean Glenn Hubbard, sings about wanting to be appointed Fed Chair and why the present Chairman Ben Bernanke was a bad choice. Before this video was circulated on the Internet, I had never heard of that Glenn Hubbard. It has certainly raised the profile of this little known Columbia Business School Dean! Amazing! The video is below…

The lyrics of this song are also amazing! Here they are:

[George W. Bush:] "Ben Bernanke is the right man to build on the record that Alan Greenspan has established. I will urge the Senate the act promptly to confirm Ben Bernanke as the fourteenth Chairman of the Federal Reserve."

Every breath you take
Every change of rate
Jobs you don't create
While we still stagflate
I'll be watching you

Every single day
Bernanke takes my pay
When growth goes away
Inflation will stay
I'll be watching you

Oh can't you see?
The Fed's where I should be
How my poor heart aches
With each of your mistakes

First you move your lips
Hike a few more BPS
When demand then dips
And the yield curve flips
I'll be watching you

Since you came supply's lost without a trace
I dream at night that I punch you in the face
Your interest policies I cannot embrace
I feel so wronged and I long for Greenspan's place
I keep cryin': Benny! Benny! Please...

Oh can't you see?
The Fed Chair should be me
How my poor heart aches
When prices escalate

Every move you make
Every oath you take
Hope your models break
Bet that beard is fake
I'll be watching you

CBS is great
Wouldn't change my fate
But we'll be watching you
We'll be watching you...

Thanks for reading! And special thanks for those who leave a comment :) Due to lack of creativity from my side, I may deal with parodies from now on as I am quite familiar with many of them. This will make sure my blog is updated and also give you folks respite from my usual boring stuff.

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